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Student Service Bureau - Automate education verification

Student Services Bureau (SSB) is an automated data security compliant verification process for students and educational institutes. SSB leverages the power of deep search algorithms, artificial intelligence and a comprehensive database built by collaborating with India’s colleges and universities. Its powerful analytics give real-time reports and results, eliminating waiting time of getting responses from educational institutions, and has a design-led user interface making it easy to use.

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Avail transcript solutions, minimise manual intervention, improve brand experience

SSB allows universities and educational institutes to readily create transcripts for their ex-students and alumni thereby minimising manual intervention, reducing wait time significantly, helping your institute improve alumni relationship management by reducing the time-to-hire. SSB also provides a complete auditable log of student uploads and verifications.

Respond to education verification in a few clicks, save overheads

We collaborated with universities and educational institutions to create a comprehensive database. SSB leverages the power of deep search algorithms to scan this database to verify and validate educational qualifications, degrees and documents of students in a matter of seconds thereby reducing instances of forgery of certificates and degrees, bringing a higher level of control over data and a significant reduction in overheads for your institute.

Bring in world-class ERP technology and data analytics

SSB helps institutes to optimise technology investment and reap the real benefits of world-class technology through its ERP solutions. It gives your institute direct control ownership and more control over data through easy bulk upload and API integration. SSB comes with robust data analytics for the benefit of student training and placement cells which can help in raising sponsorships for events, conferences, etc.

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FAQs for the ever curious

  • Do you verify only recent and highest education?

    Educational verification involves verifying the authenticity of documentary evidence of candidates’ educational and/or professional qualifications through the educational/professional institution’s offices or AuthBridge’s proprietary databases. We can provide education verification results for as many institutions, levels, or degree as per client’s needs.

  • Do education institutes charge for verifying the details of the candidate?

    There are some institutes which charge nothing but many others who charge up to INR 5,000 or more. ARS has a database of such educational institutes, along with the updated fee and the date of revision.

  • Is there any university that does not respond to verification requests?

    Yes, there are certain set of universities which do not respond and support background verification (BGV). We have maintained a No-Response List which can be shared with clients, if required.

  • Do you have an internal database to verify education details?

    Yes, SSB is that internal database where we save results from all universities. Before reaching out to different colleges & universities, we refer to our internal database which keeps getting updated as any university releases its results publicly or shares its database with us post agreement.

  • Is there a separate process for colleges and for universities?

    No, the process is similar for colleges and universities. However, getting data from colleges is easier than from universities and TAT could be longer in case of some universities.

  • What are the mandatory documents for conducting this check?

    Duly filled BVF, Signed Authorisation, Final year / All semester / All year marksheet and Degree Certificate - depending on the issuing authority. Submitted document must be a clear scan copy, not truncated, and must contain the candidate’s unique identifier (Roll / Registration / Enrolment number).

See how your institute can use Student Services Bureau

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