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Business Inteligence

Our Business Intelligence products offer valuable insights for due diligence designed to solve the challenges of present-day businesses. Our AI-powered products enable our clients with data-driven reports that help make informed business decisions.


AuthXtend™ – our continuous background check product that periodically verifies your current workforce by authenticating their personal and professional records, address, education, and related details. It is a valuable fraud prevention asset that can enable safer workplaces and protect employers against potential risks through active risk mitigation for all stakeholders of your business – employees, customers, and business partners.

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AuthAssure – our post-investment risk mitigation product keeps a diligent watch on your investments throughout their lifecycle. Powered by CorpVeda™, our insight-driven business intelligence platform, AuthAssure™ delivers comprehensive, data-driven business research and gives in-depth insights on your investments. Use these insights to identify inconspicuous changes in risk parameters and assessment of growth drivers.

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CorpVeda™ is an insight-driven business intelligence platform built for in-depth analysis to enable risk assessment so you can choose trustworthy investees and business partners. It leverages the power of artificial intelligence and deep search algorithms that scan large volumes of data in no time.

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