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On Demand Economy

On-demand economy is growing at an exponential rate because of a change in consumer behavior that prioritizes fast, simple, and efficient experiences suggesting that the economy will attract a huge workforce in the coming years. To protect the interests of its stakeholders in this growing yet highly non-regulated industry, AuthBridge has developed products that facilitate background checks quickly and accurately along with customisable workflows to make onboarding journeys effective.

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Create quick and efficient contactless hiring and onboarding journeys

Contactless hiring has become extremely important in the post-pandemic world with the world going online for any services to be rendered or product to be delivered. Thus, making it essential to make the entire onboarding journey digitalised. With our AI-powered authentication products, verify and validate personal and professional details of employees, customers, and vendor partners in real time, saving you time and costs.

Automate verification checks to hire trustworthy stakeholders at scale

The convenience of using digital platforms to order any service and the advancement in technology to connect consumers and suppliers has made the on-demand economy grow rapidly but also exposing it to risks of onboarding fraudulent partners /sellers /merchants. Our onboarding and background screening products are enabled with user-friendly interface, customisable workflows, and in-depth analytics, thus reducing your onboarding time by 90% and helping your organisation scale up

Avoid concerns over Data Privacy while hiring

The non-regulated on-demand economy lacks advanced verification tools to protect user data and prevent fraud. Cybercriminals can get past substandard security measures and use sensitive user information to their advantage. However, AuthBridge puts the impetus on placing stringent security procedures to keep this data safe. Our products are data security compliant and meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, and global encryption standards.

Secured on-demand services with our authentication products


Footprints is our industry-first, digital address verification product that leverages advanced authentication tools such as image recognition, GEO-tagging coordinates, and liveness detection to verify the identity and physical address of employees, customers, vendors, and business partners from their smartphones, without having to physically move an inch.

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TruthScreen™ provides real-time data-based authentication using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep search algorithms to enable quicker account opening and onboarding procedures. TruthScreen™ leverages the largest public database along with AuthBridge’s proprietary database to ensure your organisation adheres to compliances and regulatory guidelines without compromising on user data.

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Vendor Due Diligence

Initiate a complete vendor risk assessment to authenticate the identity and reputation of potential vendors with our vendor due diligence solutions. Our AI-backed capabilities that use OCR-based text extraction and face match algorithms, can safeguard you from the risk of forming a professional relationship with vendors that have a dubious profile or even a criminal record. Through real-time screening of service providers ensure your vendors’ credibility without any hassle or delay.

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Customer Onboarding

Our machine learning and deep search capabilities provide end-to-end customisable onboarding workflows as per your specific requirements ensuring an enhanced customer experience by relieving them of cumbersome processes and paperwork. Our automated AI-powered products provide near-instant and contactless verification reducing onboarding time by up to 90% as compared to the manual authentication procedure.

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Our authentication products have many use cases for the on-demand economy

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