Understanding employee motivation


In today’s turbulent times, corporates across India Inc. are facing the ultimate challenge of improving efficiency level of employees. And experts say that in such a scenario, creating a climate of freshness, openness and motivation for employees through a process of constant renewal is critical to any organisation. Let’s find out… With lay-offs and salary cuts, and of course, more work being assigned to less number of people, it has become all the more challenging to innovate ideas in order to keep up the motivation level of employees. Unique methods to do so can only provide stronger means of running a successful organisation.

The key is to use newer approaches that continually reinforce the fact that employees’ ideas are welcome, valued, and rewarded. “Engaged and motivated associates deliver better effectiveness and efficiency. Constantly improving and innovating the practices deployed to motivate the associates is a must, irrespective of the market situation,” says Satyanarayana Vinjamoori, head – human resources, ADP India, a US based ITES company.

Going the extra mile

Experts say that a motivated and engaged employee will always go the extra mile in an organisation. S/he becomes the flag bearer of the organisation and helps create positive perceptions in the market. Especially in times of economic turmoil, it is necessary to motivate employees and help them see the bigger picture of where the organisation is headed, and this needs to be regularly re-enforced. According to Mallika Vyas, head – HR, IDBI Fortis Life Insurance, “It is essential that employees see that they are major stakeholders in the accomplishment of the organisation’s mission.

When employees feel closely rooted to the organisation and see meaningful goals they strive to achieve them. In essence, every organisation is as good as the employees, so during tough times, motivated employees will always unite to ensure that their organisation is able to meet their objectives.” “It is essential that employees see that they are major stakeholders in the accomplishment of the organisation’s mission,” Mallika Vyas, head – HR, IDBI Fortis Life Insurance Adding to this, Vinjamoori says, “At any given point in time, irrespective of the economic scenario, it is imperative that the associates in an organisation feel motivated and engaged. An associate is the most important stakeholder in an organisation enabling the organisation to achieve and surpass its goals constantly, which is why it is important to keep them motivated and engaged.”

Motivate 'em

In today’s times, even the strongest and most powerful corporates are facing the challenge to improve the efficiency level of employees, and in doing so, are leaving no stone unturned in motivating them. IDBI Fortis’ innovative strategy to motivate its staff is evident from their performance management program called GoalsuranceTM. “GoalsuranceTM is a goal setting and performance management program that ties up all these activities together into a seamless cycle. Since the similarities with football are so striking, we have used it as a theme throughout the program to highlight the parallels and energize teams. The philosophy of this program articulates that if individual goals and organisational goals are achieved, then careers can be assured. It thus establishes the close relationship between employee motivation and organisational success leading to fulfilment of career goals,” Vyas. Adding to this she says, “Instead of introducing the employees to the program through a typical training presentation, we decided to have an innovative approach by promoting an internal football league called GoalsuranceTM. Six teams were created, with each team having a coach and captain and devise strategies to win. At the end of the match, both teams that played in the finals were quizzed on it to highlight the importance of strategies, plans and teamwork that finally lead to achievement of goals.”

AuthBridge, a Gurgaon based background screening company, has monthly ‘Rewards and Recognitions’ ceremony. “Going with the organisation’s name we have AuthStar, AuthDebutant and AuthTeam of the month. The nominees for these categories get a ‘Whale Done’ which is an appreciation from the CEO, on the intranet and in our internal newsletter also. We give away gifts and vouchers to the winners; best performers and the best team. We also have monthly ‘Meri Marzi awards’ given to employees,” says Preeta Pradhan, AVP – operations and compliance, AuthBridge.

At Broadridge Financial Solutions India, motivation is a unique and personal feeling for any associate who is addressed as ‘BR MEME’ – Singh explains this further, “Memes are the basic building blocks of our minds and culture, in the same way that genes are the basic building blocks of biological life. Just as the gene propagates itself by leaping from body to body, memes propagate themselves by leaping from brain to brain.”She further adds, “Motivation is a skill which can be and must be learnt, provided the associate is open and the ‘vatavaran’ i.e. systems around facilitate. We provide BR MEME’s with everything to self-discover themselves.” Needless to say, engaged and motivated employees create successful organisations. No strategy or corporate plan can be implemented without the committed and passionate involvement of its employees.

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