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Companies are bracing themselves and upgrading their security infrastructure to meet new challenges in the rapidly changing world around us. HP Big Switch, in collaboration with The Times of India, organised a digital conference where experts spoke on the changing landscape of work

The increasing importance of cybersecurity globally as well as in India has become inevitable today. With increase in the frequency of cyber-attacks, the spotlight has shifted to cybersecurity technologies and the use of scalable and flexible solutions that can help secure digital transformation.

In the light of this crucial matter, tech gurus shared their inputs under HP Big Switch, in collaboration with The Times of India. At this collaborative platform, experts discussed unlocking possibilities in the new normal world.

A whole new world

The world is nothing like what it was this time last year. Owing to the recent pandemic, as remote operations became the new normal, the companies that were well updated with technology did extremely well this year. Hence, every company, in every sector, is now realising the important role of IT and is working towards building a robust cybersecurity infrastructure.

Ketan Patel, MD, India Market at HP Inc, shares, “These are unique times and we call it the ‘new now’. The new normal has challenged the CIOs and IT managers, as it changed the work arena. As many as 77 per cent of end-users prefer a hybrid work model. We have seen exponential growth in conferencing. People are connecting from home beyond office networks, keeping IT people on their toes. Work has forever changed. It is important to empower people for the evolving nature of work.”

According to Patel, we depend on technology more than ever to keep us collaborative and productive. Supporting and enabling all of this is IT, the real hero.

“Customer initiatives in the new normal have changed and hence HPs flagship event needed to be reimagined this year. We integrated VR extensively to break the clutter and ensure our customers got a differentiated experience despite attending remotely,” says Prashant Jain, Chief Marketing Officer at HP (India market).


Explaining further on the importance of technology and cybersecurity, Dr Eric Cole, cybersecurity expert and founder and CEO, Secure Anchor Consulting says, “Over the last 12 months, organisations have switched to a remote workforce. One of the things that we need to recognise in our critical position as CIOs, CTOs, or chief information security officers is that this new mode of work is to continue for long. So, one of the biggest aspects today is that we are only as secure as our weakest link.”

Today cyber-attacks take several forms. So, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to ensure that no one is attempting to steal their data or money.

“It is important to understand the changing threat landscape and how to protect and secure against the new threats. Organisations must take risks to survive. It is important to do it securely. Most of the organisations that spend a lot of money on cybersecurity get exposed since they do not have a clear security strategy,” adds Cole.

A quantum leap for all

Ever since the inception of Make in India in 2014, crafting a favourable business market for Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) has always been the government’s priority. Both SMEs and MSMEs must thrive, as the country plans to be among the top five economies of the world.

With digitisation, the SMEs and MSMEs are seen to re-purpose their business operations and practices to make India self-sufficient. Brisk progress and exemplary innovations across industries are getting noticed.

This move to digitisation is a big switch for businesses. As we progress and adapt to advanced technology developments, a robust technology mechanism ensures that our data is protected. The high smartphone penetration and access to data is a perfect foundation to build a digital future. Progressive steps in this direction, over the recent few years mean that India has been able to stay up and running despite a nationwide lockdown over the past year.

Post Covid-19, remote work arrangements became a permanent feature for many tech-savvy start-ups. With this new work, culture comes the urgency to upgrade the foundational cybersecurity infrastructure. Hence, it is no surprise that cybersecurity ranks among the top of the priority list for companies. More and more businesses have started evaluating different digital and automation solutions.

“Businesses run of data. So, the security of the data is primary to a company’s survival. Technology plays a pivotal role in bolstering cybersecurity. Today, in times of uncertainties, companies have realised the fact that investment in technology is crucial. Moreover, the work-from-home-culture has given a bigger boost to the significance of cybersecurity. As for SMEs and MSMEs, sensitising them about the risk and fraudulent activities is essential to raise awareness about potential risk and to educate them on how they can safeguard themselves,” says Ajay Trehan, founder and CEO, AuthBridge on a concluding note.

Tech is everywhere

“Technology is redefining the way we engage as humans. For instance, cricket has gone on to become a truly immersive experience, thanks to drones and the numerous cameras. Not just visuals, today there are several AI-enabled cricket games that users can access on their smartphones. Technology is indeed everywhere!” says Brett Lee, Australian former international cricketer, commentator and cricket analyst.

“We are living through unprecedented times. There is no single community that has remained untouched. For years together, our leaders have been warning us that there is going to be a pandemic. We just did not know when and where it would happen. This is certainly not time to experiment, but going back to the basics is what we need to do. I believe that affordable products and services will see recovery first. The first thing to understand is that we need to understand what the customers would be willing to pay now. One must focus on needs. Customers keep coming back on the bedrock of consistency.” – Aditya Ghosh, board member, Fabindia; board member OYO hotels and homes.

Source:- Economictimes

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