Leveraging AI for verification and onboarding


COVID 19 has been an eye-opener for businesses globally. Organizations have been pushed to quickly adopt new ideas and processes while building capabilities at an overwhelming pace. This humongous scale of urgent innovation to remain operational begets an important question for the HR industry – Are we finally amid the fabled Recruitment Technology revolution?

Fortunately, at AuthBridge, we have long worked towards a tech-led future of the HR industry. Over the years, we have consistently invested in AI-backed digital solutions and technology that streamlines verification and onboarding journeys for a modern recruiter. Consequently, as industry leaders, we find ourselves ahead of the curve when it comes to automation of HR functions.

What is the role of AI in verification?

One of the main use cases of AI in recruitment is data-based, intelligent decisioning. The verification industry, dealing in humungous volumes of data, can bring drastic improvements to the quality, speed and efficiency of its solutions using AI in combination with automation.

Here, our approach towards criminal verification in India makes for an interesting example.  Earlier, the only way to check the criminal background of a candidate was through local police and law firms. Apart from it being a slow process, the risk of a candidate committing a crime in states other than that of residence and domicile was a gaping hole in the process. The only foolproof solution – checking publicly available court records for a criminal record of a candidate – also fell short of resolving issues like inconsistent structuring of records, name and address formats as well as linguistic barriers. This is how Vault™, our proprietary database of negative records and the core of our criminal verification solution, came into being.

Vault™ incorporates data mining, supervised learning, regression analysis and deep search algorithms to look for matches of criminal history at a pan India level. How does it do so? After a candidate’s name and address are entered on Vault™, our proprietary AI engine searches for various sets of permutations and combinations of that name and address against datasets from 3500+ courts, Police FIRs, Crime Watchlists and thousands of tribunals across India. It scans 200+ million records and comes up with the best possible matches (along with a probability score) in just a few seconds. Without AI, this search would have been impossible to conduct! Our AI engine helps us makes sense of an extremely unstructured and non-standardized dataset while providing instant results. And as Vault™ is being exposed to new data sets, our Machine Learning algorithms are making our probability scores increasingly accurate.

Our suite of AI and ML tech also includes OCR, which we use for document classification, tampering and counterfeiting detection and variations in manufacturing. We also use facial recognition technology to instantly verify the identity of a candidate. These technologies work behind the scenes, and our clients are delivered comprehensible workflows for each check and detailed reports on our easy-to-use web platform iBridge™.

This seamless interaction for clients further translates into a great onboarding experience for their employees.


Towards the future

AI-based verification and onboarding solutions are the future and we all can look towards the BFSI sector for inspiration.

At AuthBridge, we are increasingly seeing our BFSI clients relying heavily on OCR and facial recognition to generate face match scores, Digital KYC, and Video KYC for customer verification. We’ve been able to reduce the TAT for these clients from five days to real-time. With COVID 19, the age of remote work, contact-less processes and virtual workplaces is here. Our clients in the HR fraternity are already stepping up their game and I am quite sure that as the threat of COVID 19 recedes, many of these AI-led processes and systems will become the norm.

Source: EconomicTimes

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