How AI is Enhancing Employee Experience with End-to-End Digital Onboarding


In the Post-COVID world, HR stakeholders across industries find themselves in a dilemma. On one hand, their role has evolved and grown, with a strong potential to now impact the bottom line. On the other, they must constantly fight disruption and innovate and apply newer technology use cases to their function to stay ahead on the digital transformation bandwagon.

Delivering a consistent and delightful employee experience in the hybrid world of work is also a constant challenge to win the war for talent. LinkedIn’s recently released Future of Talent 2021 report validates that employee experience will take a centre stage across organisations. Therefore, the creative application of AI for an enhanced employee experience is becoming the go-to strategy for organisations looking to scale faster, dig deeper and attract the best talent in better ways.

Here are some top AI use cases that can be applied throughout the employee lifecycle to modernise the HR function, and get a better ROI from the entire hiring, onboarding, and retention effort.

Multi-Channel Smart Sourcing

Reaching talent beyond premier institutes sets organisations apart and pushes them forward on the agenda of diversity and inclusion. AI-driven hiring processes tackle the shortcomings of legacy hiring systems and help organisations find the right talent easily by stacking candidates in order of relevance against set parameters and assigning them a relevance score based on skills, experience, educational background, and other preferred parameters. AI can also be trained to capture common hiring biases that keep organisations away from expanding their talent pool. Further, integrations with multiple job boards can be supported with deep analytics to get insights on the success of these platforms for smarter investment in hiring. AI can do all this in record time and free the HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

Smart Forms for Data Capture and Digital Offer Management

Going paperless is not even an option in the hybrid world of work. Digital and smart data forms with in-built validations, auto-fields, and interconnectedness ensure a completely paperless onboarding process and promote easy collaboration. In-built, location-specific intelligence can also help HR teams stay on top of region-wide compliance. From offer letter generation to digital document sign off, an organisation can build multiple automated, intelligent, and customised onboarding workflows as per the position and function to improve candidate experience without any hassle to the current team. The team can use the saved time to induct a new joiner into the system faster and build a rapport with them. Digital document management also ensures the security of data by putting smart access and visibility controls.

AI-Powered Document Validation

Hiring frauds are at an all-time high in the absence of physical contact. Far too many instances of disparity between candidates being interviewed and candidates being onboarded have come to light recently. To counter this, real-time, AI-powered facial recognition and liveness checks can be added to the interview process as well as the candidate onboarding journey. Gesture-based liveness checks ensure that a person in front of the camera exists in reality in just a few seconds. Some of these solutions even work with very low internet bandwidth and can reach candidates in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities with ease, diversifying the candidate pool. Voice-based authentication is another subset of AI that can help organisations in validating an employee at different touchpoints with the voice as their unique biometric identifier. This solution doesn’t even need an internet connection.

Real-Time ID Checks

Database-driven, real-time ID checks counter hiring fraud and speed up the entire hiring process by at least 90%. Anti-spoofing technologies like image recognition ensure that identity documents submitted by a candidate are authentic and not digital images prone to misrepresentation. OCR and document classification technology help in scaling the document verification process by enabling thousands of verifications in seconds. Moreover, these technologies in many cases can identify multiple ID types in several languages with great accuracy, making manual data entry and verifications during onboarding a thing of the past.

Talent Analytics

To retain top talent, it is essential to separate best-performing and better-engaged employees from others. Predictive analytics can help HR teams with pro-active rewards and promotion, improving employee retention rates by leaps. AI-powered, analytics engines also offer great insights on employee skill gaps and lead to better learning and development strategies. Data on attrition helps organisations identify their top competitors for talent so that they can benchmark their employee engagement strategies against the best.


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