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Seamless vendor onboarding is important for customer safety

One of India’s leading app-based facilitators of home services was looking to streamline its process of vendor onboarding. With a customer base of more than two million across five cities, the home services aggregator onboards hundreds of professionals onto its platform across 15+ categories of services.

Doing so, a significant effort would go into manually verifying every professional. Moreover, since the verification would be conducted by our client post-onboarding, they ran the risk of welcoming a professional with a dubious record and even a criminal record. The method of verifying a professional post onboarding also led to wastage of resources deployed in hiring and onboarding in cases a professional left in the middle of the training sessions

Top Challenges

  • Manual document collection and form filling leading to a waste of time and resources
  • Verifying professionals post-onboarding exposed our clients and their customers to reputational risks
  • A rough and flawed onboarding experiencing for service professionals due to delays

Our mandate with the client

  • OCR enabled with Document classification and document tampering detection
  • Real-time verification for simplified due diligence
  • Face match percentage to validate the identity
  • AI-based verification

Checks Offered

  • Identity verification
  • Bank Account Verification
  • Criminal Record Verification
  • Reputational Risks Checks
  • OCR-enabled application form processing

Our methodology

Addressing the challenges our clients were facing, we, at AuthBridge, built a platform that could validate the identity of service providers in real-time by relying on state-of-the-art technologies like face match.

Bank Account Verification of the service providers was conducted via penny drop method to ensure payments were transferred to a genuine account only.

Additionally, Criminal Record checks and other Reputational Checks were performed using our proprietary databases to ensure our client was partnering only with genuine professionals.

OCR-based text extraction and face match algorithms also ensured that the application process for service providers was simplified through elimination of manual efforts.


  • Reduction in vendor onboarding time, thus, improving the service pipeline
  • Reduction in manual errors while application processing
  • A seamless experience for service providers
  • Greater reduction in reputational risks due to a criminal entity being screened in real-time


A streamlined and real-time screening of service providers ensured that genuine and quality service providers were associated with the platform without any hassle or delay. A real-time screening not only mitigated the risks to customer safety but also helped in providing a safe and pleasant onboarding experience to all stakeholders in the ecosystem.