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Not a child’s play’, said our client about facilitating skill-based gaming in India. Then, we made it easy.

With an average growth rate of users standing at 50%, skill-based gaming is a huge market in India, but it is laced with challenges. Involvement of great amounts of money in the background of lack of clear regulation makes this industry a breeding ground for frauds and misuse in India. But the silver lining for some of the top players is that they can lead by example in this emerging market by tackling these challenges head on.

When they met us, our clients, a group of companies operational in a variety of online games such as poker and cricket fantasy games since 2014, had a clear agenda – they wanted a solution focused on removing three major hurdles. With their registered user base growing to over 1 million, they had recognized these three challenges as major road blockers to their growth ahead and to that of the whole gaming industry in India.

Possible threats surrounding customer journey in Real Money Gaming

Top Challenges

  • Detecting underage users who were accessing their platforms illegally
  • Blocking users from states where skill-based gaming is banned
  • Preventing the transfer of the winning amount to fake accounts to comply with anti-money laundering guidelines
  • Reducing player dropout resulting from lengthy and clunky verification processes

Our mandate with the client

  • The user is of playing age
  • The user is submitting a valid document
  • The documents belong to the registered user

Verifying the address of the user

  • The user is not from a restricted state
  • The user is not in a restricted state at the time of playing

Verifying bank account details

  • Ensuring the bank account is legitimate
  • Ensuring the bank account belongs to the registered user

Checks Offered

  • Address verification of users
  • Bank Account Verification of users

Our methodology

Step 1: Identity Verification

The process starts with the user submitting an ID. Our OCR technology enabled with document classification and document tampering detection then extracts, auto-populate and validate player data from submitted IDs instantly. Users who are 18 years and above and have a valid ID can proceed, others are barred from the accessing the platform.

Step 2: Validating State of Residence

The users with an NID from a state where skill-based gaming is banned are restricted from proceeding further.

Step 3: Bank Account Verification

Via Penny Drop method, the bank account number is cross-verified to ensure that the amount won is transferred to a genuine, user account and not used for the purpose of money-laundering.


  • There was a marked improvement in sign up rates and reduction in player dropout rates
  • The client found it easier to keep a tab on various users at different stages of sign up process
  • The clients felt more confident while transferring the winning amount to the user account.

The AuthBridge Advantage

When results drawn from checks performed on hosts and property were consistent with the information supplied by a host, we generated a Green report meaning our client could sign up the host without any worries. A Red report flagged any objectionable information discovered about a host, meaning a host was a no-go from as per our investigation and our client would be best advised not to onboard them. If the results varied, were inconclusive or confusing, we would generate an Orange report, meaning further investigation into the profile of the host would be needed. We also aided our clients in carrying out the additional verification as per their request in a few Orange cases. This included verification of social IDs amongst other measures.