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How our client, a sports goods retailer, emerged faster and stronger with a trust-based ecosystem of sports service partners

With the vision to make sports and sporting goods accessible to everyone in India, our clients, one of the largest global sport goods retailers, approached us with a vision. With a presence of 1500+ stores across 50+ countries, the vision was to build such a trust-based ecosystem of service providers, venue providers and event organizers in India that would eventually help them onboard a whopping one million customers onto their platform.

For their vision of being the largest online marketplace to bear fruition, it was key that they quickly and thoroughly verified their vendor partners to enable trust in customers and ultimately our client’s platform. This must be done in a streamlined manner that gave our client maximum visibility over the process and reduced friction for customers and partners to as low as possible during the entire onboarding process.

Top Challenges

  • Creating a seamless experience for customers to hire service providers quickly
  • Reduce application dropouts from vendors on mobile/website
  • Prevent fraudulent entities/individuals from being signed up on their platform
  • Strictly toeing to compliance guidelines and company policy while registering new assets and venues

Our mandate with the client

  • OCR enabled with Document classification and document tampering detection
  • Real-time verification for simplified due diligence
  • Face match percentage to validate the identity
  • AI-based decision making for verification

Checks Offered

  • Identity Checks
  • Bank Account Verification
  • Certificate Inspection
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Social Media Check
  • Reference Checks

We knew that only an end-to-end digital onboarding platform would be able to help our clients tackle the massive scale of applications with efficiency. We began by dividing registered professionals under three categories – service providers, venue providers and event organizers. Next, we assigned specific verification needs to each of these categories so that a reliable analysis could be presented to our client.

Our efforts were directed at creating a customized mobile/web platform to verify individuals / business Identities, verifying bank account details in real-time along with experience details, certificate inspections, social media checks and reference checks for all individuals and entities basis relevance. We also carried out reputational checks as well as regulatory and criminal checks to create an additional layer of safety for our clients.

All this was enabled by state-of-the-art technologies that power our solutions. We deployed OCR for text extraction from the uploaded images and face match algorithms to simplify the application processes for the vendors while onboarding.


  • Marked reduction in vendor onboarding time, improving the service pipeline
  • Reduction in manual errors while application processing
  • Seamless experience for service providers
  • Greater reduction in reputational risk due to criminal entities being isolated in real-time
  • Instant verification helped in preventing duplicate registration of a single entity, reducing chances of fraud


The client increased its reach to the customers with a streamlined and real-time vendor onboarding. This ensured that quality services were offered through the platform without risking the customer’s or assets’ safety while generating a delightful experience for all the stakeholders in the marketplace ecosystem.