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How AuthBridge created end-to-end digital verification and onboarding journeys for one of the largest retailers in the world

Hiring at scale is one of the biggest challenges retail companies witness. But when that organisation is a global retail giant, the challenge becomes even more defined. So, when our client—one of the top three groceries and merchandise retailers in the world with operations in five countries across Europe—approached us for a comprehensive background screening solution that could improve its candidate experience, and impact the organisation’s bottom line, we knew creating end-to-end automated onboarding and verification journeys was the solution to its problem.

Top Challenges

  • A manual process with scope for loss of documents and other human errors
  • Email-based candidate communication leading to loss of crucial information during the process
  • Zero visibility over cases handled to vendors for verification, leading to delays
  • Poor candidate experience due to delays and repeat requests for documents

Our mandate with the client

  • Building a 100% digital and automated employee onboarding solution
  • Providing a customisable onboarding solution that could be adapted to suit specific use cases
  • Building a holistic solution that could be easily integrable with their own Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Our Products/ Solutions Engaged

  • iBRIDGE – a web platform that lets you automate your onboarding processes end-to-end with the fastest turnaround time
  • SignDrivean automated, cloud-based digital signing product that lets you upload, sign, submit and manage documents digitally.

Our Methodology

Document uploading and case initiation

We deployed iBRIDGE, our end-to-end digital employee verification and onboarding product, to address the key problem areas. The whole process flow had iBRIDGE acting as a bridge between our client’s ATS and HRMS systems. All the cases initiated via client ATS were fed automatically to iBRIDGE for the background verification process to begin.

Verification and status update

The verification process was completed 100% digitally through APIs built on top of our proprietary databases, and real-time progress of all cases was always accessible to our clients through interactive dashboards on iBRIDGE. This helped our client company, and its candidates address any insufficiencies in the information quickly.

Document storage and retrieval

At this point, we introduced SignDrive, an automated, cloud-based digital signing product to upload, sign, submit and manage documents digitally. With SignDrive, candidates could view and sign important onboarding documents such as Code of Conduct, Gratuity Form, PF Form and Women Security Form (exclusively for female candidates). All these documents and other candidate details furnished during the case initiation stage were saved on iBRIDGE—a cloud-based document repository—for future access, reducing the burden on the HR teams.

Remote candidate onboarding

The whole process helped our client in onboarding candidates remotely and 10x faster, leading to an enhanced candidate experience. The remote and paperless onboarding process was especially valuable to our client during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.


  • Hiring at scale, with a fully automated process
  • Reduced TATs with a 10X faster document collection, uploading and verification
  • Improved efficiency with customisable workflows per our client niche and real-time case updates
  • Improved candidate experience with minimal paperwork, and an end-to-end digital onboarding


By designing a seamless digital onboarding journey for candidates, we helped our client build a comprehensive and compliant onboarding solution which addressed the challenges of the current times. At the time of writing this case study, we are engaging this client with another solution—WorkAttest—to streamline the process of responding to the verification requests for ex-employees through automated handling of such requests. Creating a positive candidate experience has also led us to build a positive working relationship with our clients. We look forward to a long-lasting association with this global retail giant as its onboarding and verification partner.