Why Is Driver License Verification Important For Businesses?

Why Is Driver License Verification Important For Businesses

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The driving license is an administrative document that gives the right to a person to legally drive a vehicle on public roads. A driving license not only authorizes an individual to legally drive on public roads but is also used as proof of identity, age, and address in non-driving contexts. It is an equivalent of other forms of personal identification documents like Aadhaar cards, passports, PAN, Voter IDs, etc. 

But with the advent of time, counterfeiters/fraudsters are becoming smart as they are utilising duplicate/forged driver licenses to dodge the identification process. A driving license is one of the most easily forged documents. 

Rise of Fake/Duplicate Driving Licenses

Government data estimates that every third driving license in India is a fake document. The Road Transport and Highways Minister – Nitin Gadkari said in Parliament that about 30% of driving licenses in India are fake. Out of 18 crore driving licenses, an estimated 5.4 crore of them fall under the “bogus” category.

Fake or duplicate driving licenses can lead to a substantial increase in identity theft causing an imminent threat to a business’s reputation and financial assets – especially in industries such as Shared Mobility, Delivery & Logistics, Transportation, and much more. It is difficult to identify spurious and falsified driving licenses with the naked eye.


AuthBridge’s Driver License Verification API for Identification

Carry out real-time and seamless dl verification processes with AuthBridge’s driver license verification API. Provide the image Driving License or DL number as input to fetch instantaneous verification responses for the following data points.

  • Name and image of the individual
  • DL number
  • DOB, age, and gender
  • Category and type of vehicle authorized
  • Issue and expiry timeline
  • Address of the individual
  • Issuing RTO Details

Screen out false licenses/underage drivers and help onboarding genuine customers, employees, drivers, and other third parties.


Top reasons to get AuthBridge’s Driver License Verification API

  • Seamless Integration: Businesses often struggle with manual verification paperwork during high-volume recruitments and onboarding. Our industry-leading APIs will ensure seamless integration with your existing workflows and processes and speed up your onboarding process.
  • Onboard new drivers/renters in a few seconds: You need to onboard individuals with a valid driving license especially when you are onboarding drivers or vendors for your mobility, and logistics-related businesses. DLs should be authentic and should have not crossed the expiry date. Our verification APIs extract details of the vehicle/driver from DL and check the driver’s license status for seamless verification.
  • Safeguard your business from illegitimate drivers: Any individual sitting in the driving seat must possess a valid DL as with ‘driving’ also comes a sense of responsibility. Our Driver License Verification API helps businesses filter out bad actors, underage drivers, and fake/forged DLs before renting out a car, bike, or recreational vehicle.
  • Real-time verification: The turnaround time of the API is very low, assuring real-time and instant verification of driving license. With our instant DL verification API, you just need to enter the details of the DL or simply upload a photo of the DL. The OCR will extract the data and validate it with government databases in real-time.
  • Protection against identity frauds: Validate the authenticity of customers, employees, and third parties and detect document fraud and identity theft. Mitigate financial and reputational risks when onboarding drivers, delivery partners, vendors, renters, merchants, etc.
  • Plug and Play APIs: Our industry-leading APIs ensure seamless integration with your existing workflows and processes
  • Comply with regulations: Stay compliant with regulations i.e. KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money laundering), CFT (Counter-Terrorist Financing) Directive, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), etc.

AuthBridge is India’s largest authentication and background verification company. If you are interested in our Driver’s License verification API or any other verification solutions for your business, share your contact details below.

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