Why Criminal Record Check Is The Key While Screening New Employees

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Importance of Criminal Background Checks

You need to conduct a criminal record check because as a business, you are responsible to your customers to provide trustworthy executives to deliver services for them. For instance, hiring an investment banker with a criminal charge of fraud to his or her name could spell disaster for your company if these charges are brought to light. Whether or not the employee engages in fraud while working for you does not matter. The customers need to be able to trust you with their hard earned money and having a fraudster at the wheel betrays that trust.

Criminal record checks can prevent costly and embarrassing hiring mistakes like the one mentioned in the example. Every company needs to decide for itself what kind of guidelines need to be in place when conducting criminal checks on candidates. A cab aggregator, for example, could steer clear of candidates who have a history of drunk driving and/or a rape conviction or hiring a delivery boy who has a criminal record of theft will not sit well with a lot of customers if there is any unwanted incident. Careful screening of all candidates is therefore important based on a set of parameters predetermined by your company. The information obtained while conducting a criminal record check should also be protected under certain company rules. As an employer, you might decide that someone whose criminal background check shows a problem of drug abuse in the past but who is clean now deserves a second chance. Keeping the criminal record check results of that employee confidential helps to protect their reputation and improve morale and productivity.

Here are a few guidelines that can be followed while conducting a Criminal Check

– You need to be absolutely sure that there is no identity mix up when looking at police records while doing a criminal check. – You always get the candidates’ consent before conducting a criminal background check. – You allow the candidate the chance to defend themselves and explain the results of the criminal check. – You conduct a thorough criminal background verification to learn if the candidate was accused of a crime or was involved in another manner like as a witness or even the victim.

How can AuthBridge help

At AuthBridge, we already have a set of guidelines in place for conducting criminal background checks. You can build your own criminal background check parameters on our existing guidelines. We already have the systems and software in place to conduct criminal checks by searching a number of public and special records. We save you time and money as you don’t have to hire new staff or train existing staff to conduct criminal record checks.

Write to us at

communication@authbridge.com or send us a message and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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