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Technology holds all the Aces

Technology today is all pervasive. It is difficult to think of many moments in our day, professional or personal, when technology is not aiding us in accomplishing the things we want. Take cabs. Technology has made finding a cab to reach your destination amazingly simple. For years I have been travelling to various places in the country, especially Mumbai and Bangalore, and until even two years ago finding a taxi was a struggle. For timely attendance of back-to-back business meetings the only option was to hire private taxis.

Not today. All I have to do is pick up my smartphone and book myself a cab in a matter of minutes. It’s easy, convenient and cost effective and it’s technology at work. Or take e-commerce. I confess I used to be a sceptic when it came to making purchases online. No longer. Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal, among others, have changed the way I shop. From the comfort of my living room to be able to order almost anything for me surpasses anything the touch-and-feel buying experience has to offer. In this wired world, background screening service providers have a vital role and technology is the backbone which is enabling us to play our part with the efficiency and alacrity that the service-driven economy demands. Our clients are increasingly asking us to deliver our reports faster and with the same high degree of integrity and reliability.

Background screeners have to provide efficiency and speed even though we have to rely on external agencies for critical inputs: for checking qualifications we are dependent on educational institutions; on employers for employment verification; and police departments for criminal record verification. Moreover, we have to depend on field executives, our own or outsourced, for actual address verification. How do we accomplish a high degree of reliability with the need for speed? Technology is the only answer. Creative use of technology will help us in our endeavour.

Many background screening service providers have embraced technology solutions to cut down on internal processing times. However, we now have to think beyond that.

We at AuthBridge have published a case study ‘Innovating HR Operations in India’ published by Cornell University on how using technology we managed to convert an otherwise batch process of background verification to an assembly line operation. While it was a remarkable development, perhaps even ahead of its time, there is now a world of difference in the technologies available that allow us to accomplish more and faster. The need of the hour is for background screening companies to find cutting-edge technology driven solutions to all those aspects of the business that show processes down. While I am aware of some work being done in this space by some existing players, AuthBridge included, more ‘disruptive’ work needs to happen to significantly reduce turnaround times and streamline workflow and, of course, all of it requires customer-end validation.

Technology is the critical enabler in addressing the dynamically changing requirements of new-age consumers, me included, who are picking up their smartphones and tablets and are expecting deliverance. Ajay Trehan is a pioneer in innovative and technology-driven background screening processes. He founded AuthBridge in 2005 and has built the company into an industry leader. Today, AuthBridge is a quality and efficiency driven company, delivering proven and effective background screening solutions to its wide clientele, including Fortune 500 companies.