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Technological Advancements and Their Advantages in White-Collar Employee Screening(Part – 2)

In the previous blog, we discussed the technological advancements in the background verification and onboarding space, and their advantage over traditional ways of conducting employee screening. We spoke about five important checks/services offered by AuthBridge. In this blog, we touch upon a few more checks that technology has transformed.

Identity Check:

Identity verification is the first towards onboarding an employee, but it often gets complicated when candidates submit fake IDs. Moreover, validating identity documents manually is a time and cost intensive process that still leaves scope for errors.


Traditionally, organisations use third-party vendors with capabilities to validate identity documents using a range of government-approved databases and experts. But this process also takes days if not months to complete and still relies on human intervention, increasing overall costs.


Our Tech Innovation: 

AuthBridge offers real-time identity verification, built on capabilities like OCR, facial recognition, and liveness detection, that helps validate identity at scale. The process offers an enhanced candidate experience by reducing paperwork. Real-time identity verification also reduces onboarding costs by up to 70% and time by up to 90%.


Employment Check:

Organisations make it a point to check whether the individual has previously worked in the organisation they claim as a lot of individuals use fake certificates in their resume to get the extra edge. Traditionally, companies would have an entire team for reaching out to the ex-employers for confirmation of past employment.


It’s a fact that having a team to communicate with the ex-employers of each potential candidate is a costly affair with room for error due to the multiple follow-ups, delays, and inefficiencies involved. It would be unfair for organisations to invest time, effort, and money and still be left in doubt.

Our Tech Innovation: 

Over the years, AuthBridge has tried to create a simple, fast, and error-free process for employment verification using the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) for conducting their employee search. AuthBridge facilitates background screening of India’s workforce by using just the name of the candidate and the company to validate their current/past employment details. This process saves time, requires only two antecedents, and mitigates risk and cost due to minimum human involvement.

Drug Abuse Test:

As part of their compliance policy and cultural fitment needs, no organisation would want to hire individuals who are involved in the consumptions of narcotic substances, alcohol, or illegal consumption of medication. It would not only defame the company name and reputation but could also lead to heavy financial turbulence and legal proceedings.


Traditionally, employers would book their employees for drug tests, where employees would have to physically visit the centre conducting the test, which would act as a hinderance in their daily work. This is a time-consuming method that requires employees to access public labs. In the backdrop of a pandemic, conducting this test without exposing employees to risks is almost impossible.

Our Tech Innovation:

We, at AuthBridge, have helped make the entire process of drug testing easier. Employers can now book the drug test for their employee online via AuthBridge empanelled labs and can have an expert reach their employee. Moreover, during the nation-wide lockdown, employers could also book home testing for their employees. This not only saves time, money and effort but also provides complete safety and security during a global pandemic.


Senior Executives and Key Hire Screening:

Organisations usually make it a point to hire the best individuals for leadership roles. A leader in the true sense is someone who not only has industry knowledge and expertise but also someone who can work, mentor, and support their team in every possible way. Moreover, senior level frauds are far too dangerous for an organisation’s reputation and culture than frauds by other employees.


Traditionally, organisations did not go the extra mile to conduct background checks on senior executives and key hires because of the glorious work record and position these candidates hold. Using the same parameters for verification of executives as for others fall short of assessing these leaders on softer skills that make a successful leader.

Our Tech Innovation:

AuthLead, by AuthBridge, is an exclusive and advanced product for leadership hiring. It goes beyond basic screening and conducts a 360-degree assessment around skillset, personality, work ethics, conflict management and improvement areas of a candidate, be it CEOs, CXOs or senior managers, for credibility and leadership competence. Gathering industry perception, feedback from references found through primary research, and inputs from web and media repositories, AuthLead enables any organisation to hire the best candidate at the senior most levels.

Existing Employment Check:

Reverification of existing employees is emerging as a top trend in the post-pandemic world where employees work from remote corners of the country. To keep updated with the latest employee information is not only a compliance mandate but also becomes important to enable smooth communication with employees in events where physical exchange of goods and information is needed.


Re-verifying all the employees for mid-sized to large corporations in a stipulated time-period is a mammoth task. Usually, the background screening of so many employees happens over the years but to finish the same for an entire organisation in a world where employee information, especially addresses, are changing faster than ever is even more challenging

Our Tech Innovation: 

AuthBridge offers technologies like real-time identity verification based in image recognition and liveness detection and geo-coordinate based address verification solution. These technologies make validating employee information in any part of country seamless. In fact, we recently reverified 70,000 employees of a leading IT/ITES company in under 3 months at the peak of COVID-19.