Put Your Best Foot Forward: Five Ways Our Digital Address Verification Solution Supports Digital Transformation

Put Your Best Foot Forward_ Five Ways Our Digital Address Verification Solution Supports Digital Transformation

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As HR teams grapple to emerge at a new normal, verification and onboarding processes have been going through their own revolution. In a post-pandemic era, digital is the name of the game. Learn how our Digital Address Verification (DAV) solution – Footprints – is simplifying and streamlining the address verification process and consequently, candidate onboarding journeys.

Supporting Post-Pandemic Digital Transformation

With pandemic-led mobility restrictions and strict social distancing norms, conducting physical address checks became nearly impossible in the last year. Even as the states have relaxed mobility rules, vendors for address verification are not likely to be welcomed by candidates in their houses anytime soon. Moreover, reverse migration out of cities has led to candidates being scattered across the country. Some organisations are even looking to reverify all their employees in the aftermath of the big shuffle. Building vendor networks in isolated parts of the country in the pandemic era is challenging. Our digital address verification solution- Footprints- tackles this challenge by making address verification journeys completely digital. The solution can be integrated with any HRMS or ATS system and built as part of a solid digital verification and onboarding infrastructure in modern HR teams.


Powered by an Informed AI

Digital Address Verification Solution is an industry-first solution that leverages the power of image recognition, GEO-tagging coordinates and liveness detection technologies to not only establish the address but also the identity of a candidate. Once a link is generated, an input by a candidate is needed at only three steps- the uploading an identity document (for Identity and address), clicking a selfie, and clicking a photo of the premise. The entire process is completely automated, 100% digital and can be completed on a smartphone.

Digital Address Verification (DAV) solution


Data-Led, Proven Success Results

In a sample of 10000 cases that we analysed, 87% of candidates successfully completed their digital address verification process using Footprints without any friction or manual intervention. In 92% of cases, true biometric identification of customers was achieved, and 70% customers completed the entire journey in under 15 mins. What is better is that our solution led to accurate address verification with minimal average distance variance (182 meters) in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. Distance variance is the difference between the actual location and the location captured on coordinates. The physical verification process can take up to days to just complete the process, even without achieving the same kind of efficiency.


Scalability, Accessibility and Cost-Efficiency

Traditionally, verifying the address of any employee has been a tedious, time-consuming, and expensive affair. A major chunk of the time spent by HR teams has been going towards collection of documents to facilitate checks, talking to vendors, and resolving insufficiencies and in other manual tasks that are not qualitative in nature. This not only increases the operating costs, which would subsequently be paid for by the verifier, but also lead to errors due to the human involvement. Our DAV solution tackles this by offering a scalable model that can be plugged-in with an existing HRMS system to offer automated address verification, with least human effort. The cost of conducting an address check is marginally reduced due to reduced human dependencies. Recently, AuthBridge reverified all 70000+ of employees of a leading IT/ITES company across different parts of the country within just 90 days. This was possible only because of Footprints.


Scope for Manual Intervention, When Necessary

Our Digital Address Verification has been built as an end-to-end solution that can be completed without any human involvement. But we understand that its full scope can only be realised as digital literacy, accessibility to internet, and smartphone penetration reaches every corner of the country. Meanwhile, our DAV solution also works on a hybrid model for clients who want to bring in field executives to reach customers. The final GEO-based location capture is still completed on a smartphone, the only difference is that this process is facilitates by a field agent instead of the candidate himself.

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