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3 Onboarding Hacks to Build the Next-Gen Workforce

3 Onboarding Hacks to Build the Next-Gen Workforce

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In 2020, a pandemic-driven disruption took place in the job market and inspired companies to level up their ‘new-hire’ onboarding. From verifying education qualifications to past employment and exact identity verifications, companies check all relevant credentials to ensure it’s the right candidate to carry forward their brand values. That’s because an ineffective background check causes serious damage to a business and its reputation. A Gallup study reports that nearly 88% of organizations do not onboard their hires properly, leading to high job dissatisfaction post joining and negative feedback.

Today, we are welcoming the generation Z that only relates to the hi-tech world. This generation prefers to work for transformative organisations spearheading digital technologies and capabilities. This must translate to remote, customisable time-efficient onboarding journeys for them. As digital natives, they choose roles that are technology-driven and to take their career one level up.

So, ensure your onboarding process is in tune with the ‘new normal’.

Ever since COVID-19 emerged, manual processes have been pushed back. Digital tools have been brought in to help HR staff focus on prioritising tasks and avoid hiring delays. Here’s what you should adopt – AI-powered, cutting-edge authentication technology to ensure you’re hiring the absolute best, delivering a phenomenal candidate experience.

Here are 3 hacks every HR should implement to build an effective next-gen workforce:

  1. Endorse Paperless Onboarding

Beginnings matter! The first hiring experience of the next-gen employee stays till the end. A single, paperless onboarding solution for your Gen Z workforce will save their time, leave a lasting impression, whether it’s application scanning, real-time identity verification, digital address verification services, or onboarding documentation. iBRIDGE-powered by AuthBridge is a single, web-based platform that beat odds of a tech-savvy generation with customisable, accurate, and contactless candidate journeys. According to a PwC survey, 59% of Gen Z workers prefer their hiring employer to be technologically prepared at the time of their job consideration and acceptance.

2. Choose an eSigning Solution

As proof of identity, handwritten signatures were earlier used to attest documents. However, when onboarding new-gen workers, signing by hand is perceived wasteful and time-consuming. Here, the modern alternative of digital signing can ease document management using cloud storage. As a new gen, you’re always on the move and would prefer a signing solution that’s faster and efficient. SignDrive powered by AuthBridge is an automated, cloud-based digital signing product that allows you to upload, sign, submit and manage documents digitally, 10x faster.
It’s high time we leave hard copies and build a reliable repository to extract important documents instantly, have a comprehensive dashboard and keep audit-ready reports in one place.

3. Take Gen Z Experience to Next Level

Gen Z are a far more agile workforce with a higher learning curve because of their openness to growth possibilities. Often, this generation are referred to as global citizens for their love for an inclusive society.  A Deloitte 2021 report shows that 55% had donated to charity over the past two years, while 33% had raised money for charity. They feel a strong urge to care and connect beyond their professional lives. So, creating a collaboratively positive culture is inevitable while digitally taking them in. It’s now even more important to up your technology game and aim to offer an exceptional onboarding experience.

According to Oxford Economics, Gen Z’s income from work will shift from $440 billion to a whopping $3.5 trillion by 2030. The total consumer spending will be $3.0 trillion – equivalent to 11% of total household spending in the history of economies. Therefore, a ‘welcome onboard’ must connect with their values and aspirations ahead. An agile, seamless employee onboarding journey acts like a means to their future end. Through AI-powered verification and onboarding technology, AuthBridge is working hard to build trust amongst its new hires to keep long-term ties. We encourage our new market entrants to join our digital bandwagon, and see the difference it brings for Gen Z.

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