Information Management & Background Verification

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A document repository is an important part of an organization’s information and knowledge initiatives. In today’s world of global competition, it is essential that a company gets its information management strategy right. Smart companies use a document repository to store and distribute employees’ knowledge, such as best practices or research results, across firms. This has the benefit of enabling employees to reuse information already acquired by co-workers, rather than engaging in expensive, inefficient, and duplicate efforts to reacquire the knowledge on their own.

A document repository can therefore provide companies with a valuable source of competitive advantage, especially in knowledge-intensive industries such as information technology, consulting, and biotech or life sciences.

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Some common mistakes in Information Management One of the biggest mistakes companies make regarding their information management strategy is the fact that all too often, companies formulate their document repository based on the assumption that structured data represents the majority of the data that will be housed there. In fact, the general rule of thumb is that structured data comprises less than 1/3rd of a company’s total data. The overwhelming majority of a company’s data is found in unstructured documents such as proposals, purchase orders, invoices, employee reviews, and reports.

Since all of these different types of documents are usually stored in many different document repositories, including customer relationship management systems, enterprise resource planning systems and different folders on employees’ hard drives. If the document repository does not have a robust search capability, the ability of information workers to locate a document and incorporate his or her organization’s knowledge base into daily work will be severely hampered. It provides user-friendly and easy-to-implement information system integration by delivering the ability to merge data located throughout your organization.

 Importance of Information Management for Background Screening Companies Information Management is crucial for background verification companies in more ways than one! First, background verification companies handle personal information of candidates – which is crucial and confidential in nature. It is hence, important for background screening agencies to maintain complete data security through implementation of preventive actions like encryption, firewall, antivirus, restricted access and other best practices.

While you zero into a background verification agency, do not forget to check for ISO certifications, especially adherence to ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management and ISO 27001 standard for information security management. Secondly, background verification companies need access to reliable data in shortest possible span to deliver accurate background verification results quickly!

Online Repositories come handy in such context! Employee Talent Repository provides recruitment and employee management solution helps human resource professionals hire, train, and retain the best performer’s knowledge base for each organizational role. The bouquet of checks within background verification looks into every aspect of an employee’s background- address, educational qualifications, employment, and so on. These checks demand for a continuous interaction among companies for a constant exchange of employee information. Consequently, companies deal with following issues-

• Unproductive man hours; at least one company resource needs to be allocated to respond to verification requests of various companies

• Inefficient management of response tracking

• Continuous follow up in order to get timely response A portal with ex-employee databases of companies across industries is the need of the hour. So, when a candidate with an unpleasant record at one organisation shifts to another organisation, his/her past records will be readily available for the new employer.

Can ex-employee data repository be ‘The’ answer to a faster and more efficient employee screening?

A document repository is a tool employed to capture, organize and store modifiable knowledge and is an important component of knowledge management initiatives in organizations.

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