How OCR technology has simplified national ID verification?

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How OCR technology has simplified national ID verification

In modern times, an identity check involves digitally verifying a candidate’s Name, Date of Birth, Address, Nationality etc. This involves the support of multiple technologies in order to counter fraud, comply with regulations and reduce manual effort involved in physical verification. Involving technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Image rectification, blurriness detection etc allows complete automation of identity verification making it instantaneous, reliable and time efficient.

How OCR work for ID Verification?

To improve the process of identity verification the manual job of feeding the data to any system needs to be automated. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technogy involves converting all the information on any ID into text which can then be used for input and information validation. Here the ID document is first photo scanned, analysed, and is finally translated into character codes. This machine-encoded text can then be used to validate the information against a genuine verification source. This helps in the verification of the National IDs containing numbers, addresses, names, and various other parameters almost instantly.


Benefits of using OCR technology for National ID Verification

  • Time Efficient: Through automated data capturing and automated document classification, OCR eliminates the need for manually entering details on every form or HR Portal. This makes the process of employee identity verification faster
  • Cost Efficient: OCR reduces the need for manual labour in data entry, document sorting and filing, saving costs of labour as well as raw material needed for physical verification
  • Higher Accuracy and Improved Service: By reducing human intervention, OCR also reduces the chances of manual errors. This in turn ensures that employees have access to accurate and reliable information, whenever needed.
  • Storage Space and Data Security: The data inputted via OCR can be stored on servers which reduces the cost of maintaining physical files. More importantly, it enables enhanced data security of the private information of candidates as the access to information is controlled with only need-to-know basis.


How AuthBridge add value to your employee identity verification process?

The benefit of partnering with AuthBridge for OCR validation and verification is that our OCR combines AI, ML and even human review to address shortcomings that might come with a standalone OCR solution. Trained for image detection, flagging image blurriness and image tampering, our solution ensures accurate representation of a candidate’s personal details. Our OCR solution can also identify different types of IDs and their subtypes used globally irrespective of difference in format, shape, size, orientation etc. to input correct details and generate accurate and reliable results.

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