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The Ultimate Guide to Marksheet Verification in India: Safeguarding Authenticity and Trust in Education

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What Are The Different Types Of Marksheets That Can Be Verified?

The Growing Trend Of The Fake Degree Certificate Fraud

Bengaluru: Police arrested a man for selling 6,800 fake university certificates from 15 universities​.

Hyderabad: Police arrested ten people, including an assistant professor, for selling fake engineering and MBA certificates​.

Meghalaya: The Enforcement Directorate attached Rs 13.54 crore in assets from CMJ University for issuing over 20,000 fake degrees​​.

Kerala: An increase in the submission of fake degree certificates was reported, impacting the state’s higher education credibility.

Jaipur: Rajasthan’s Special Operations Group arrested three individuals for colluding with institutions to issue fake degrees​​.

Reasons To Conduct Marksheet Verification

Ensuring Applicant Qualifications

When hiring new employees, it is crucial to ensure they possess the necessary education and qualifications for their roles. Verifying an applicant’s educational background through mark sheet verification helps confirm their certificates, diplomas, or degrees, ensuring they are adequately prepared to meet job expectations.

Time Savings in the Hiring Process

Skipping the mark sheet verification stage can lead to hiring unqualified individuals, resulting in significant costs and wasted time. By thoroughly verifying a candidate’s education, employers can avoid the pitfalls of hiring someone who lacks the necessary expertise, ensuring a better fit for the job and reducing turnover costs.

Detecting Fraudulent Credentials

The rise of “diploma mills” has made it easier for individuals to obtain fake degrees and certificates. Mark sheet verification provides precise details about a candidate’s educational history, helping employers identify fraudulent credentials and institutions. This step is essential to maintaining the integrity of the hiring process and ensuring only genuinely qualified individuals are considered.

Revealing Knowledge and Job Requirement Gaps

Conducting mark sheet verification reveals detailed information about the subjects a candidate has studied and their relevance to the job role. This process identifies any gaps between the candidate’s knowledge and the job requirements, ensuring that the new hire is adequately prepared for their responsibilities.

Safeguarding Against Fake Degrees and Diplomas

The proliferation of diploma mills, which provide fake degrees in exchange for money, poses a significant challenge to the educational system. These institutions are not affiliated with recognized bodies or government agencies and often partner with independent entities with substandard curricula. Mark sheet verification helps safeguard against these fraudulent practices, ensuring that all degrees are legitimate and meet legal standards.

Understanding The Process Of Marksheet Verification

Manual Verification

Manual verification involves submitting the candidate’s educational details directly to the respective educational institutions or official verification portals. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how manual verification typically works:

  1. Collect Candidate Information: Gather all necessary educational documents from the candidate, including mark sheets, certificates, and any other relevant records.
  2. Identify Verification Authorities: Determine the official bodies or institutions responsible for verifying the educational credentials. This could be the university or educational board that issued the mark sheets.
  3. Submit Documents: Submit the collected documents to the identified authorities through their official verification portals or designated channels. This might involve filling out specific forms and providing additional information as requested.
  4. Follow Up: Regularly follow up with the verification authorities to ensure the process is moving forward. This may include checking the status of the verification request and addressing any additional requirements.
  5. Receive Verification Results: Once the verification is complete, the authorities will provide a report confirming the authenticity of the candidate’s educational credentials. Review these results to ensure they meet the necessary standards.

    Third-Party Verification Services

      Third-party verification services offer an alternative to manual verification by outsourcing the process to specialized agencies. These services handle the verification process on behalf of the employer, providing a streamlined and efficient solution.

      Process of Third-Party Verification

      1. Select a Verification Service Provider: Choose a reputable third-party verification service that specializes in educational credential verification.
      2. Submit Candidate Information: Provide the service provider with the candidate’s educational documents and any additional information required for verification.
      3. Verification Execution: The third-party service will handle the entire verification process, including contacting educational institutions, submitting documents, and following up on requests.
      4. Receive Verification Report: The service provider will compile a detailed verification report and deliver it to the employer. This report will include confirmation of the authenticity of the candidate’s educational credentials and any discrepancies found.

        Key Variables In Education Verification

        Education verification is a critical process conducted to validate the authenticity of degrees and diplomas. This verification can be performed in-house by institutions or through third-party services that leverage proprietary databases. Several key parameters are checked and validated during education verification to ensure the legitimacy of a candidate’s academic claims.

          Confirming Name and Registration Number: This step acts as an identity check. By matching the candidate’s name and registration number with official records from the educational institution, it confirms whether the individual actually attended the claimed university.

          Verifying Course Details: This parameter is crucial as it links the education the candidate has received to the job role being offered. It involves documenting all the subjects studied by the candidate and verifying their relevance to the job requirements.

          Year of Passing: Candidates may falsify their graduation dates to appear more desirable to employers. Verifying the year of passing through the mentioned institution ensures the accuracy of the candidate’s claimed graduation timeline.

          Status of Graduation: This check ensures the quality of the candidate. It involves verifying the candidate’s grades and any drop years. Candidates with lower grades or gaps in their education may not meet the high standards required for certain job roles. Identifying these discrepancies is crucial for high-quality hiring.

          Authenticity of the Institution: With the rise of fake institutions and diploma mills, verifying the legitimacy of the educational institution is essential. This can be achieved by cross-checking the institution against records provided by regulatory bodies like the UGC. This step helps protect companies from hiring candidates with degrees from unrecognized or fraudulent institutions.

            Common Challenges In Marksheet Verification By Self

            Identity Verification Issues: Discrepancies in candidate names and registration numbers frequently complicate the verification process. Ensuring that these details match the official records from educational institutions is essential to avoid identity confusion​.

            Institutional Response Delays: Educational institutions may delay responding to verification requests due to administrative backlogs and holidays, extending the overall verification timeline. This can be a significant obstacle in timely hiring decisions​.

            Authenticity Verification: The rise of fake institutions and diploma mills presents a major challenge. Verification companies need to cross-check against reliable databases and regulatory bodies to confirm the legitimacy of educational institutions and their credentials​.

            Document Forgery: Advances in technology have made it easier to produce high-quality fake documents, which can be difficult to detect. Verification processes must use sophisticated tools and methods to identify such forgeries accurately.

            Technological Challenges: The absence of standardized systems across various institutions complicates the verification process. Additionally, maintaining cybersecurity is crucial to protect the integrity of the verification process and the data involved.

            Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to data privacy laws, such as the Information Technology Rules, 2011, and upcoming legislation like the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023, adds another layer of complexity. Verification companies must ensure compliance with these regulations to protect candidate data.

            Cost and Resource Allocation: Marksheet verification can be expensive and resource-intensive, especially when multiple institutions or international degrees are involved. Companies must balance thorough verification with the associated costs and resources needed to execute it effectively.

              Partner With A Tech-First Verification Company Like AuthBridge

              1. Instant Education Verification via DigiLocker (Industry’s First & Only)

              Verification through DigiLocker streamlines the process of validating educational credentials by directly accessing university databases and securely pulling verified documents. This method enhances accuracy, significantly reduces verification time, and offers a seamless experience for candidates.

                Steps In The Verification Process

                1. Candidate Selects Institution

                The candidate begins by selecting the relevant educational institution and entering necessary details such as roll number, name, and year of graduation.

                2. Direct Database Access

                DigiLocker accesses the university databases directly, ensuring that the verification process is efficient and quick.

                3. Identity Confirmation

                The candidate enters their Aadhaar number and an OTP (One-Time Password) to confirm their identity.

                4. Consent for Document Access

                The candidate provides a 6-digit DigiLocker PIN and consents to retrieve their documents from the DigiLocker platform.

                5. Retrieval of Verified Documents

                Degrees, marksheets, and certificates are securely pulled from DigiLocker, ensuring that only verified and legitimate documents are used in the verification process.


                • Reduces Verification Time: By directly accessing university databases, the time required for verification is dramatically reduced.
                • Ensures Accuracy and Authenticity: The process guarantees the accuracy and authenticity of educational details, minimizing errors and the risk of falsified information.
                • Enhanced User Experience: Candidates do not need to keep physical documents handy, as all necessary documents can be accessed digitally.
                • Secure and Reliable: Using DigiLocker ensures that documents are securely pulled and verified, maintaining the integrity of the verification process.

                  2. Managed Education Verification Using AuthBridge's Proprietary Database

                  Our database contains over 1 billion proprietary data records for conducting background checks. AuthBridge conducts an impressive volume of 15 million background checks every month.

                  Steps In The Verification Process

                  1. Candidate Submits Educational Details

                  The candidate provides necessary educational details, including institution name, roll number, course details, and year of graduation.

                  2. Access to Proprietary Database

                  AuthBridge utilizes its extensive proprietary database to cross-check the provided educational details against official records.

                  3. Automated Checks and Validation

                  Advanced algorithms and automated systems perform checks and validate the educational credentials, ensuring accuracy and reducing manual intervention.

                  4. Manual Review (if needed)

                  In cases where automated checks raise discrepancies or require further verification, a manual review is conducted by experienced professionals.

                  5. Generation of Verification Report

                  A detailed verification report is generated, summarizing the findings and confirming the authenticity of the candidate’s educational credentials.

                    Benefits Of Using AuthBridge's Education Verification Check

                    • Efficiency and Speed: The use of a proprietary database significantly reduces the time required for verification by providing quick access to vast amounts of educational data.

                    • High Accuracy: Automated checks and advanced algorithms ensure high accuracy in verifying educational details, minimizing the risk of errors.

                    • Comprehensive Coverage: The extensive database covers a wide range of educational institutions, ensuring thorough and reliable verification.

                    • Reduced Manual Effort: Automated processes reduce the need for manual intervention, making the verification process more efficient and less prone to human error.

                    • Detailed Reporting: The verification report provides a comprehensive summary of the findings, ensuring clarity and transparency in the verification process.

                      Why Choose AuthBridge

                      • Comprehensive Verification Services

                      AuthBridge offers a wide range of verification services, including education verification, business verification, employment history checks, criminal record verification, address verification, and more. This comprehensive suite of services ensures that all aspects of a candidate’s background are thoroughly examined, providing a complete and reliable profile.

                      • Advanced Technology Integration

                      AuthBridge utilizes cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the verification process. This advanced technology helps in automating workflows, reducing manual errors, and speeding up the verification process.

                      • Extensive Proprietary Database

                      AuthBridge’s proprietary database provides quick and direct access to a vast amount of educational and professional records. This extensive database ensures that verification checks are thorough and reliable, covering a wide range of institutions and organizations.

                      • High Accuracy and Reliability

                      The combination of advanced technology and an extensive database ensures high accuracy and reliability in verification results. AuthBridge’s automated systems and algorithms minimize errors and provide precise validation of credentials.

                      • Compliance and Data Security

                      AuthBridge adheres to stringent data privacy regulations, including GDPR and the Information Technology Rules, 2011. Their advanced cybersecurity measures ensure the protection of sensitive data throughout the verification process, maintaining compliance with legal requirements.

                      • Scalable Solutions

                      AuthBridge offers scalable verification solutions that can be tailored to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, their services can handle varying volumes of verification requests efficiently.

                      • Enhanced Candidate Experience

                      By leveraging technology and automation, AuthBridge provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for candidates. The process is designed to be quick and hassle-free, ensuring that candidates do not need to keep physical documents handy.

                      • Detailed Reporting

                      AuthBridge generates detailed verification reports that provide a comprehensive summary of the findings. These reports ensure transparency and clarity, helping employers make informed hiring decisions.

                      • Expertise and Experience

                      With years of experience in the verification industry, AuthBridge has developed a deep understanding of the complexities involved in background checks. Their expertise ensures that they can handle a wide range of verification scenarios effectively.

                      Choosing AuthBridge for your verification needs ensures that you receive accurate, efficient, and reliable results, helping you make better hiring decisions and reduce risks associated with fraudulent credentials.

                      FAQs around Marksheet Verification in India

                      To verify your marksheet, visit the official website of the respective educational board and enter the required details such as roll number and name.

                      Check the authenticity of a marksheet by using the official verification portals of educational boards, which allow you to cross-check the details with official records.

                      Visit the NCVT MIS portal and enter your roll number and other required details to verify your NCVT marks card.

                      To get your ITI marksheet online, visit the official website of the Directorate General of Training (DGT) and follow the instructions for downloading your marksheet.

                      You can verify your educational documents through the respective educational board’s official verification portal by entering relevant details.

                      Students can download their marksheet from the Maharashtra State Board’s official website or DigiLocker by entering their seat number and other details.

                      The marksheet number of SSC and HSC marksheets is located in the upper right corner and typically starts with an English letter followed by 4 to 6 digits.

                      Verify a school board in India through the Council of Boards of School Education (COBSE) by visiting their office or sending a request by post.

                      Yes, you can verify your marksheet by filing an RTI request online through the official RTI portal of India.

                      Visit the Maharashtra Board’s eMarkSheet portal, create an account, and log in to download your e-marksheet and certificate.

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