Background check and Other Factors in Internal and External Recruiting

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Recruiting candidates to fill job vacancies is an ongoing process in any organisation. Whether an employee has resigned or you are expanding and new positions have opened up, you will be in need of someone to take the job. There are two main methods of filling a job position- internal recruiting and external recruiting. Both of these methods come with their advantages and disadvantages but deciding between the two has a lot to do with your organisation and the position that needs to be filled.


The advantages and disadvantages of internal recruiting

One of the most important things required when hiring an employee is the background check. The background screening is essential to know for sure that the candidate is in fact who he or she claims to be. When hiring an employee internally to fill a different position, there is a good chance that you have already done the background verification at the time of joining. A big advantage of internal recruiting is that you do not have to conduct a second background verification on the candidate and this will save you time and money. There are several other advantages of hiring internally as well. Existing employees already know how things work in your company and adjust faster to the new role, contributing to less downtime. You also have the advantage of already knowing your employee strengths and weaknesses and have a good idea how they will perform in the new position. Internal recruiting, however, is not without its drawbacks. While the process is cheaper and quicker, you might be compromising by not getting a fresh new perspective on the job. There is also the possibility of some employee being unhappy about having a colleague promoted over them which could cause some tension. And finally, you could end up creating a new vacancy in the position that your promoted employee formally occupied.


The advantages and disadvantages of external recruiting

External recruiting should be considered when none of your existing employees qualifies for the new position or you could benefit vastly from hiring a new candidate. What is important to remember when you are hiring externally is that a thorough background screening is required. A background verification check of a new employee could be time-consuming but will work to your advantage in the long run. Doing a pre-employment screening, identity verification and police verification could save you from hiring someone with a sketchy past that could jeopardise your company. Making sure a candidate is being honest about their past is imperative in saving you and your company a lot of problems later on. The extra time and effort required for external recruiting will pay off when you find the perfect candidate for the job. An external hire will not only bring along new ideas but could also be the most qualified and experienced person for the job. External hiring takes longer and costs more but provides you with a larger pool from which to choose the right employee.



Both internal and external recruiting have their pros and cons. Which method you chose to follow will depend on the vacant position and what you are looking for in a candidate. Internal recruiting is quicker and you can often do away with the background verification because you have already screened the employee once. External recruiting is a longer and more expensive process but a thorough background screening of potential candidates will work well to your advantage. To understand the background verification process in detail, write to us at or call us on +91-850-680-4541

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