Address Check – You Could Be Hiring a Fugitive

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Address Check - You Could Be Hiring a Fugitive

The importance of address details and their role in identity theft

Today, due to the increased digitization of personal information, identity thefts and frauds are on the rise. Increased counts of identity thefts are causing concerns while hiring suitable candidates. Address detail is an important personal information of any individual which can be attest to the identity of an individual. Unfortunately, they are easy to fake. A recent study of job applicants found that more than 15% of the candidates had lied about their current and permanent address details. Having robust background checks under such situations becomes extremely crucial. Also, the company needs to know the address of all its employees, as that is the most secure and sure-shot way of contacting any employee in case of emergencies. Hence, companies need to maintain accurate records of the addresses of individuals working for them. Address checks become important in such cases as the address is a vital part of identity verification and shows stability in the life of the candidate.


Overview of address checks

One of the most important factors of address checks is physical address verification There are two types of verifications:

1) Temporary address verification: Job candidates often need to move to different cities and locations for their work. In such cases, they choose temporary accommodations such as guest houses or PGs, or rented apartments as their temporary residence. Temporary address checks take into account the current lodgings of the candidate. This not only ensures better identity confirmation but also ensures that the candidate has been able to settle in the new location.

2) Permanent address check: Apart from confirming the applicant’s current or temporary address, it is important to verify his or her permanent address as a way of confirming identity. Permanent address proofs are a more robust form of checks as they can be traced back to the original residence of the employee. Tracing a permanent address also ensures a proper identity check.


Address verification services and the importance of address checks

Performing thorough and rigorous address checks can be a tedious and expensive process. Hence, it is often advised to use professional address verification services. They not only possess software and automated tools for accurate address checks but also come with a repository of knowledge about common fraudulent practices and their safeguards. It is also more economical, especially for small and medium companies, to hire a third-party address verification company instead of spending resources and manpower on developing their own team.

Professional address verification services often use advanced technologies like GPS tracking and digital logs of addresses, APIs that return multiple known addresses upon entering the street name among others. By using effective AVS (address verification service) APIs, companies can reduce delays and errors in their address verification process.

Address checks are incredibly important because the address of the employee is an important platform for correspondence both for pre-employment and post-employment proceedings and documentation. Also, if the employee is found to be on the run after stealing company property or unethical practices, having a record of the address can simplify locating the fugitive. Company executives can also locate a former employee of the company using address records for various purposes. In cases of suspicious or disturbing employee behavior such as constant absenteeism or issues with conduct, the address is a secure way of contacting the employee, thus ensuring proper measures.

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