10 Ways to Mitigate Risk with Employee Screening Services

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Ever thought of hiring a parking lot personnel with a history of car thefts? How about consulting a doctor who does not have the required statutory licenses to perform a particularly risky surgery? There was a controversy some years back at Fortis Hospital where there was a death of a patient undergoing a double transplant by a surgeon allegedly not qualified to perform the surgery. Without proper Employee Background Verification, hiring and building alliances can prove to be fatal. Cases of Rape & murders by blue collar across schools, insider threats at workplace etc. are testimonials to lack of preventive measures. Such crimes can damage the reputation of the organisation. Businesses are subject to multiple risks when there is a lack of professional Employee Screening Services. Particularly when hiring for “positions of trust”, employee background verification is critical in employee risk mitigation. Risk mitigating background checks should include address and identity checks, qualification checks, credit checks, a seven-year criminal check, Aadhaar-based eKYC, previous employment records and social media checks.

10 ways Employee Screening Services mitigates employer risks

1. Ensures the right candidate in the organisation: With Aadhaar-based eKYC checks, the exact identity of the individual is validated. No fraudster can make inroads into an organisation with identity checks in place!

2. Ensures the right skills at the workplace: More than 50% of hiring managers encounter resume frauds, particularly with respect to skills and capabilities of candidates. Many candidates exaggerate their skills, while others claim to have non-existent capabilities. Employment verification verifies a candidate’s skills from previous employer along with associated details whereas Education verification verifies one’s education degree to ensure the necessary pedigree!

3. Prevents incidents of insider threats: Workplace violence, rape and other crimes can be mitigated when criminal background verification is done through Employee Screening Services. AuthBridge uses advanced APIs to screen through comprehensive database of all levels of courts and police records to ensure there is no risk of hiring a person with a prior criminal record.

4. Ensures the right attitude and motivation at work: The right person for the job will be more engaged and motivated, resulting in increased productivity. This can be ascertained through reference checks.

5. Ensures drug-free, safe and conducive workplace: Drug abuse testing mitigates the risk of hiring a person with a known history of substance abuse available from police or legal records.

6. Onboarding that turns new hires into lasting employees: Onboarding process can be made efficient with Employee Screening Services. The smoother experience of onboarding helps turn new hires into long-term employees. This is powered by eKYC.

7. Ensures the reputation of the organisation is maintained: Background screening helps avoid damage to the reputation of the brand by hiring the right candidates.

8. Ensures security of positions with significant trust: Sensitive positions are those that interact with key accounts. The integrity of these individuals can be ensured with appropriate employee screening services.

9. Reduces effort and time on manual checks: HR professionals earlier needed to devote huge amounts of time and manual verification through paperwork. This was labour and time intensive. New technology of employee screening services ensure zero downtime for Employee Background Verification. Repositories like WorkAttest and StudentServicesBureau make employment and education verification a matter of minutes respectively!

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10. Provides accurate, reliable and fast results: With no manual errors, duplicate entries, missing paperwork or unreliable reports, technology-enabled employee screening services ensures accuracy and reliability of results.


Partnering with Employee Screening Services Providers to mitigate risks

A reputable Employee Screening Services provider brings domain expertise and years of experience on board.  Not only do they help you mitigate risk, they also provide expert opinion to help you improve and implement a structured background verification program at your workplace.

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