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10 Steps to Improve the Candidate Interview Experience

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Interviews can be a stressful, nerve-wracking experience for the candidate. They are being assessed to see if they are a fit for the job they want, and this cannot be an easy experience for them. Add to it the entire pre-employment verification process that you as an employer has to go through, and this only makes the candidate more nervous. Even if they do not have anything to hide, it is natural for them to feel anxious. However, an interview does not always have to be an apprehensive experience for candidates.

Using technology and automation, you can make it a more comfortable, smoother and more seamless experience that puts them at ease. It’s not always the best idea to intimidate your candidates if you want to give them a chance to impress you.

So, here are 10 steps to effectively improve your candidate interview experience.


1. Provide complete information on the role and the company

The first thing you can do to make your candidate feel at ease is by providing a complete overview of the expectations from the role and background of the company. Right from the reporting structure to the KRAs and the company’s alignment, HR must provide the candidate a clear understanding of what role the candidate play in the organization’s growth and functioning.


2. Send them an itinerary the day before the interview

Secondly, to give them an idea of what the interview day would be like, make sure to send them an itinerary the day before. Knowing what to expect will put them at ease, and they can prepare themselves accordingly. Don’t forget to mention your office address and detailed directions to your office. Today, thanks to technology and automation, you can easily send your “location” on platforms like WhatsApp, so candidates can find your office easily. You should also let them know that you will be conducting a background verification and that it’s nothing to worry about.


3. Arrange interactive interviews

The interview itself has to be engaging and friendly. It shouldn’t be like a question and answer session, where the candidate feels like he or she is continually interrogated and assessed throughout the session. Instead, converse with them and encourage them to talk. Put what you have gathered in your pre-employment verification to use here.


4. Greet them when they reach and assist them

Remember to greet them and acknowledge them once they reach your office and assist them with anything they may need. Make them feel welcome. Your office can make use of an interview management system, which is software that coordinates an interview process. For example, on reaching your office, the candidate can register through fingerprint authentication. The candidate need not fill in registers every time they visit your office. Coordination becomes easy and you can also verify that the candidate who is visiting your campus is the same as one who was meant to be interviewed.


5. Let them get a taste of your office culture

One way to make them feel comfortable and welcomed is to expose them to your work culture. Take them for tours around the office to give them a sneak peek of what a typical day looks like and share the company mission and values with them. If during your pre-employment verification, you have found qualities that conflict with your culture, you can let them know.


6. Be approachable but know where to draw the line

Always be friendly yet professional in your interactions. Know where to draw the line and be careful not to make them think like they have already bagged the job. Approach them in accordance with the results of your pre-employment verification process.


7. Send prompt updates after the interview

After the interview is over, keep them updated on their application status in a timely manner. Don’t take too long to reply to any queries they may have or to let them know they have been accepted or rejected.


8. Offer candidates constructive feedback

Remember to provide constructive feedback to your candidates irrespective of whether they have got the job or not. Tell them where you think they can improve and where they are doing great.


9. Be open to feedback from candidates

If candidates have any constructive feedback for your company and the interview process, always take them seriously and use them as a means to improve and grow. This establishes you as a trustworthy and open company.


10. Convey outcomes through phone calls, not via emails

Candidates take time out to show in person for interviews. Informing them about positive or negative verdicts on their candidature through an email simply won’t do. Call them personally and provide constructive feedback. Just follow these simple steps to ensure that your candidate interview experience is smooth and memorable. Use of technology can take this to the next level of employer branding.

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