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Get Voter ID Card Verification API to stay compliant

Onboarding customers, employees, or third-parties with a valid voter ID card with verified credentials and stay on the right side of the law.

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Voter Card Verification API and how does it work

Voter ID Verification API

Provide a Voter Card image or EPIC number as input to verify the following data points: Image and name, Voter ID number, Date of birth, Age and gender, Address, Validity of the voter card

Voter ID Verification - Why is it required?

Voter ID primarily tells that the individual is eligible to vote but also serves as a valid document for identity and address proof for Indian citizens. With Voter ID verification, businesses can

  • Get a valid identity and address proof of users, customers and third-parties
  • Ensures reliable verification and prevents risk of frauds
  • Stay in compliance with the regulatory mandates

AuthBridge’s Voter ID API Verification

Building an additional layer of security for fraud prevention

Real-time verification

Our Voter ID Card Verification API helps identify, extract, and validate the information in real-time for reliable verification and fastest onboarding.

Combat risks and frauds

Verifies information with Government databases and filters out fraudsters at the start of the onboarding process.

Easily Integrable

Our industry-leading APIs ensure seamless integration with your existing workflows and processes.

Robust Data Privacy

Ensures data privacy of voter ID holders to prevent any misuse of sensitive information and frauds.

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Average Response Time

<10 seconds

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Get AuthBridge’s Voter ID Verification API For

Lending Platforms and Fintechs

Account Opening, Loan Processing, Insurance Journeys

Real Money Gaming

Wallet Earning Withdrawals

HR & Recruitment Firms

BGV – Employee Onboarding & Verification

Customer Onboarding

Validate customers to reduce identity frauds and comply with KYC/AML guidelines by regulatory bodies.

Third-Party Onboarding

Mitigate financial and reputational risks when onboarding vendors, merchants, suppliers, distributors, buyers, sellers, etc.

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FAQs for the ever curious

  • What is Voter ID Verification API?

    It is an online interface that helps entities verify and validate the Voter ID credentials of an individual.

  • What is the benefit of Voter ID Verification?

    Voter ID Verification helps you identify whether an individual/customer/third-party is legit or not. You can validate if the details in the Voter ID provided by a customer are real or not and secure your business from fraudsters.

  • How does AuthBridge's Voter ID Verification API work?

    Once the user inputs the voter ID card number, the API fetches the data from the backend and verifies it with the government depository portal.

  • What data can one verify through Voter ID Verification API?

    The information present on Voter ID such as name, age, gender, date of birth, polling station, validity of the Voter ID card can be verified by matching it with the government database.

  • Are there any chances of errors with Voter ID Verification?

    The data obtained is verified with the government databases and the response is generated rendering the process which makes the verification error-free.

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