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Non-Intrusive Employment check with UAN API Verification

Effective, time-saving and a non-invasive way to verify your hire’s employment history and uncover any potential fraud claims.

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UAN Verification API

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UAN Verification API

Fetches employment details of the candidate with UAN number to verify identity with EPFO database and important info like name, member ID, establishment name and tenure.

UAN ID Verification - Why is it required?

UAN Verification check helps to verify an individual’s employment history.It helps validate the legitimacy of claimed ex-employer details to avoid hiring fraud individuals. UAN API verifies –

  • Organization name
  • Tenure of employment
  • Salary details

AuthBridge’s UAN Verification

Building an additional layer of security for fraud prevention

Real-Time & Instant Verification

Significantly reduced TAT for a faster response time.

Easily Integrable

Plug and Play model for easy integration with our easy to use platform.

Multiple Data Points Extraction

Employment details verified along with tenure and identity check with EPFO database.

High Accuracy

Verification with UAN API using our 1 billion+ proprietary database records.

UAN Verification Done In Seconds!

Success Rate




Average Response Time

1-5 seconds

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Get AuthBridge’s UAN Verification API For

Background Verification

Identity and employment verification using UAN extracted details about an individual’s name, age, address, salary.

Moonlighting/ Dual Employment

Check overlapping contributions to the EPF account of any permanent employee during a specified tenure.

Digital Verification Technology Awarded by


AI Innovator Enabling Contactless World (NASSCOM AI Gamechangers Awards 2021)

FAQs for the ever curious

  • What is UAN?

    UAN or the Universal Account Number is a unique 12-digit number assigned by the EPFO to all salaried employees who contribute to the Employee Provident Fund.

  • How does Authbridge's UAN Verification API help with BGV checks?

    AuthBridge’s abridged dual employment check uses the UAN number-based verification to check whether there are any overlapping contributions to the EPF account of any permanent employee during a specified tenure.

  • Can anyone have multiple UAN?

    No. UAN is uniquely attributed to each working employee. One UAN links information pertaining to all the different establishments that an individual has been a part of.

  • What aspects can we verify using the UAN API?

    It helps to check the salary details, employer information, tenure of work amongst others.

  • What are the requirements for the UAN API?

    The 12 digit unique UAN number is required along with the linked mobile number for OTP verification.

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