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Real-time liveness check with plug & play liveness verification APIs

Prevent Identity spoofs and deep fakes during e-KYC and onboarding by ensuring the image belongs to the same individual

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Verification Modes Available

Choose from different types of modes as per your business requirements

Liveness Verification - Why is it required?

Our Liveness Verification technology protects your biometric authentication against identity spoofing and misuse by verifying that the presented image is a real person via live video feed and gestures-based authentication. This seamless integration with your onboarding process provides a quick and accurate way to verify your users’ identities.

  • Protection against identity spoofs and deep fakes
  • Smooth & frictionless onboarding
  • Compliant with KYC & AML mandates

AuthBridge’s Liveness Verification API

Building an additional layer of security for fraud prevention

Automated detection

Verify user’s authenticity automatically with our AI and ML enabled liveness detection check

Fast & accurate

Fast processing times with 100% accuracy and less than 3 seconds TAT (Turn Around Time)

Real-time verification

Verify identity in real-time with highly accurate ML models for liveness detection, facematch & ID verification

Seamless integration

Easily integrated into your existing screening workflow and onboarding platform with plug-and-play APIs

Liveness Verification Done In Seconds!

Accuracy Rate




Average Response Time

<3 seconds

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Third-parties, Users, Employees Onboarding

Onboard genuine merchants, vendors, or any other third party to reduce risks & fruads

Digital KYC & Video KYC

Stay compliant with KYC and AML mandates and significantly reduce onboarding TAT

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AI Innovator Enabling Contactless World (NASSCOM AI Gamechangers Awards 2021)

FAQs for the ever curious

  • How does Liveness Verification API work?

    User is required to upload a selfie or a short video of themselves through our dashboard. Our AI-enabled rule engine matches the user's facial details and liveness with the ID provided by them and generates an overall match score.

  • What is Active liveness Verification?

    Active liveness check is the traditional method to detect liveness. It is a method of determining whether the source of a biometric sample is a human or a type of presentation attack. The presence of life is detected by asking the user to perform a simple task, such as watching a moving object on a screen or making a simple movement with one's head.

  • What is Passive liveness Verification?

    Passive liveness detection is a novel method of detecting liveness that operates in the background of the biometric facial verification process. Passive liveness verification is an important part of identity verification. Unlike active liveness checks, where the user is prompted to do things like follow a moving object on the screen or make head movements, passive detection gives no indication to the user that they are being tested. Passive detection is thus a more seamless method of detecting a presentation attack. Passive checks are also more difficult to forge than active checks.

  • How much time does the Liveness verification take?

    AuthBridge Liveness verification API instantly verifies the user’s identity by matching the user’s selfie or video with the ID provided.

  • What is the accuracy of Liveness results?

    Authbridge Liveness verification API is highly accurate with a match of 100%

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