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Geo Tagging Distance Calculation Made Quick & Easy

Check the distance between the two addresses seamlessly with AuthBridge’s plug and play Geo Tagging distance calculator API

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Geo Tagging Distance API and how does it work

Geo-Tagging Distance API

Provide geo-tags of the two points for which distance needs to be calculated

Geo Tagging Distance Calculation - Why is it required?

With a geo-tagging distance calculation API you can

  • To check the distance between the two addresses/location
  • Enable individual tracking for on demand business

AuthBridge’s Geo Tagging Distance Calculation API

Building an additional layer of security for fraud prevention

Google Map Accuracy

Check the distance between the points for location validation with the accuracy of the Google Map

Reverse Geocoding Available

Get the closest matching address to a provided geographical coordinates (latitude/longitude)

Ease of Integration

Our industry-leading APIs ensure seamless integration with your existing workflows and processes

Distance Calculation Done In Seconds!

Success Rate




Average Response Time

1-5 seconds

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Get AuthBridge’s Geo Tagging Calculation API For Your

Digital Address Verification

Check customers/third-parties location to reduce identity frauds and comply with KYC/AML guidelines by regulatory bodies

Individual Tracking

Mitigate operational, financial and reputational risks by tracking drivers, delivery partners, vendors, renters, merchants, etc

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AI Innovator Enabling Contactless World (NASSCOM AI Gamechangers Awards 2021)

FAQs for the ever curious

  • What is the Geo Tagging Distance Calculation API?

    It is an online interface that helps businesses check the location and distance of an individual.

  • What are the benefits of ge-tagging distance calculation Verification?

    Geo-tagging distance calculation verification helps you check the location of an individual/customer/third-party and get the pinpoint accuracy at a given point in time.

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