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Electricity Bill Verification

Verify identity and proof of address with Authbridge’s Electricity Bill Verification service.

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Electricity bill Verification API and what does it do?

Streamline your KYC journey with Electricity Bill Verification


Electricity Bill Verification API

Fetches details from electricity bills to verify identity, address proof and credit habits.

Electricity Bill Verification - Why is it required?

Electricity bill verification is the most convenient and reliable proof that customers can submit, especially in rural areas. It is used to verify several details with high reliability

  • Identity Verification
  • Address Verification
  • Credit/Payment Behaviour Monitoring

AuthBridge’s Electricity Bill Verification

For an authentic Identity Verification & KYC Solution

Accurate and complete database

Our cutting edge APIs are able to access accurate and complete database to carry out electricity bill verification that any business may need.

Verification of personal details

Personal detail such as Identity, address and phone number are accurately and quickly verified.

Fast response time

AI-enabled APIs with proprietary database from state registries ensures fast response time


Ease of Integration

Plug and Play APIs that can be easily integrated with existing workflows

Electricity Bill Verification Done In Seconds!

Success Rate




Average Response Time

<5 sec

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Get AuthBridge’s electricity Bill Verification API For

Digital & Video KYC

Streamline KYC process for banking and fintech clients ensuring seamless customer onboarding

Address Verification

Get correct information for address as well as person’s identity to eliminate potential risks

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AI Innovator Enabling Contactless World (NASSCOM AI Gamechangers Awards 2021)

FAQs for the ever curious

  • How does Electricity Bill Verification API work?

    The API can be accessed through a web-based interface and typically requires the input of the electricity bill number and the state in which the bill was issued, it can also automatically collect data through OCR. The API will then return information such as the name and address of the customer, the period covered by the bill, the consumption and rate charges, and the due date and amount due

  • What are the documents required for Electricity Bill Verification?

    AuthBridge’s Face Verification APIs support all NID documents including Aadhaar, Pan Cards, Voter ID Cards, Driving Licenses etc. The details are captured and verified in seconds through OCR.

  • Why do businesses need verification of Electricity Bills?

    To eliminate risks of fraud and payment defaults businesses can leverage electricity bill verification to verify the user’s personal identity details and get an idea of his/her payment history and creditworthiness.

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