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Instant Aadhaar Card Verification with Plug & Play API's

A factory hiring gig workers, a recruitment firm verifying employees or a bank onboarding customers, everyone needs to conduct Aadhaar Verification to prevent identity frauds and hire right.

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Powering Onboarding & Verification Journeys for 2000+ Enterprises


Types of Aadhaar Verification APIs

Choose from different types of modes as per your business requirements

Aadhaar Card Number Verification - Why is it required?

Aadhaar Card Verification solution helps in conducting KYC verification before conducting business with the user. With an Aadhaar verification solution, businesses can

  • Make verification safer, faster, and smarter
  • Reduce week-long verification process to a few mins
  • Eliminate duplicates, fake, and ghost identities
  • Prevents risks and identity frauds

AuthBridge’s Aadhaar Verification API

Building an additional layer of security for fraud prevention

Easy To Use

AuthBridge’s Aadhaar authentication API is optimized for seamless user experience.

Stay Compliant

Verifies all the information provided with the Aadhaar department ensuring they are legit and accurate.


Prevents Identity Frauds

Our API detects fraudsters using fake Aadhaar cards or fake credentials.

Real-Time Verification

Data is retrieved and verified within a few seconds – saving you time and costs.

Plug and Play API’s

Web portal, APIs, and Mobile SDK with no third-party assistance

Instant Onboarding

Onboard customers, third-parties, employees in 2-5 minutes.

Aadhaar Verification Done In Seconds!

Success Rate




Average Response Time

1-5 seconds

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AuthBridge’s Aadhaar API For End-to-End Onboarding


Customer Onboarding

Validate customers to reduce identity frauds and comply with KYC/AML guidelines by regulatory bodies.

Employee Onboarding

Hire a right workforce and make onboarding journeys seamless with blue-collar/white-collar employee verification.

Third-Party Onboarding

Mitigate financial and reputational risks when onboarding vendors, merchants, suppliers and distributors

Tenant Verification

Screen your prospective tenants before signing an agreement and prevent any illegal activity committed on your premises.

Players Verification

Verify players to prevent fraudulent transactions, underage paying, chargeback and affiliate frauds on your platform.

Digital Verification Technology Awarded by


AI Innovator Enabling Contactless World (NASSCOM AI Gamechangers Awards 2021)

FAQs for the ever curious

  • What is the need for Aadhaar Card verification?

    It is needed to verify the identity of customers, third-parties, employees to prevent any risks of frauds before any onboarding or recruitment process. It is the crucial part of verification and onboarding to confirm the accuracy of person information and identification.

  • Why is it important to verify identities?

    It is important to verify identities through Aadhaar verification to protect your business from identity theft and money laundering and stay compliant with the laws and guidelines.

  • What is Aadhaar based e-KYC solution?

    Paperless e-KYC (Know Your Customer) is presented by UIDAI to enforce inclusion, privacy and security. It will allow Aadhaar holders to voluntarily utilize their cards to confirm their identification in a paperless and digital manner.

  • How is Aadhaar based e-KYC better than offline KYC?

    Aadhaar based e-KYC significantly lowers the cost of paper-based verification and KYC and the resources required to maintain it, like people, inventory, storage, etc resulting in massive cost-cutting. Privacy is also addressed under E-KYC as the Aadhaar number of the customer is not disclosed, only a reference ID is shared.

  • Why should I get AuthBridge’s Aadhaar Verification?

    AuthBridge’s Aadhaar Verification Solution will provide authentication of customers/users by verifying Aadhar Card within a few seconds.

  • What are the details that I will be able to see on verifying Aadhaar?

    Once an Aadhaar number is entered, the system will return whether the Aadhaar is valid or not along with the following details:

    • Age
    • Gender
    • State
    • Mobile number last three digits

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