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The telecom industry loses US$32.7 billion annually to fraud and financial crimes (source: making efficient background verification and onboarding framework an absolute must-have. With our AI-powered verification processes, you can customise workflows and remove any operational roadblocks to onboard customers, agents, employees, and vendors completely digitally paving the way for contactless and paperless onboarding.

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Enhance customer experience with digital transformation

Verify and validate personal and professional details of customers, agents, employees, vendors and other stakeholders in the telecom industry in real-time using our verification products that are AIpowered, so you can onboard in bulk and at scale without compromising on data security. Our verification products can reduce your onboarding time by up to 90% and operational costs by up to 70%.

Eliminate frauds and money laundering in Telecom

The telecom industry has witnessed several cases of fraud and criminal activities. Money launderers and cybercriminals are a result of forged identities, stolen personal details, and hacking through confidential information. To mitigate these risks, it is necessary to conduct solid background checks. Our image and liveness detection technologies along with Video KYC, leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to help identify fake identities, illicit SIM cards, and bank accounts thus contributing to a fraud-free telecom industry.

Avoid unintentional compliance failures assuring data privacy

We have made protecting and safeguarding user data our topmost priority by ensuring our products are data security compliant and meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, and global encryption standards.

Our verification products create a safe telecom ecosystem

Digital KYC

Our Digital KYC solutions provide a seamless end-to-end customer onboarding journey by leveraging OCR, face recognition, combined with deep search capabilities for fraud detection. Liveness Detection and Face Match are valued assets for digital identity verification that uses biometric anti-spoof algorithms to test the genuineness of the image taken and matches it with valid ID proof, ensuring that an entity is who they say they are.

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TruthScreen™ provides real-time data-based authentication using AI and MIL backed algorithms to enable quicker account opening, easy subscriptions handling, and enables efficient onboarding in the telecom industry. TruthScreen™ leverages the largest public database along with AuthBridge’s proprietary database to ensure your organisation adheres to the compliances and regulatory guidelines while ensuring quick workflows without compromising on user data.

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SignDrive is our digital document processing platform that lets you upload, sign, and submit documents digitally making your onboarding process completely paperless. SignDrive allows multiple users and stakeholders to electronically sign documents and store them in a cloud-based storage. For telecom industry users, the tool is especially useful to manage and store the data of millions of subscribers.

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Our authentication products have many use cases

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