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Workforce Solutions

Get access to the authentication technology organisations are applying to stay ahead in the new world of remote work. Adopting AI-powered onboarding solutions to automate background checks and digitising onboarding journeys end-to-end can help in saving onboarding time by 90% and operational costs by 70%.

White-collar Employee Screening

Built on AI and ML capabilities, our background check solutions enable instant ID verification using face match technologies. This helps you in automating and validating personal, educational, and professional details of your new hires and employees, relieving your HR teams of redundant calling, and saving you operational costs.

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Blue-collar Employee Screening

Facilitate background checks for your blue-collar staff quickly and accurately with customisable workflows that make onboarding journeys effective. Meet the speed of the on-demand economy through an automated process and get database-driven insights into identity, address, criminal history of your blue-collar staff.

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Employee Onboarding

Automate your employee screening process and make it totally contactless with AI and ML driven instant identity verification. Technologies like data extraction and image recognition work behind the scenes to validate personal, educational, and professional details of new hires and employees

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Digital Address Verification

Verify identity and physical address of employees, vendors, business partners from just their smartphones, without having to set a foot out the door. Footprints, our industry-first, digital address verification product uses image recognition, GEO-tagging coordinates and liveness detection technologies to give automated and near real-time insights on a location, anywhere in the world.

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Senior Executive Key Hire Screening

Validate proven track records of C-level executives, evaluate competence, credibility, and operational integrity of leaders, and get in-depth feedback from professional references with AuthLead™ – our specialised product for leadership screening that helps your organisation onboard senior leaders who are culturally fit and aligned with your organisation.

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Post Employment Risk Watch

Periodically verify your current workforce by authenticating their personal and professional records, address, education, and related details with our Post employment risk watch solution - AuthXtend™. Prevent frauds, build safeguards against employer frauds, and enable active risk mitigation for your employees, customers, and business partners.

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