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Staffing & Recruitment

The Indian staffing and recruitment industry is poised to become the 6th largest in the world by 2022* (source: businessworld), calling out the need for a digital transformation to automate cumbersome onboarding and verification journeys, ensuring hiring verified candidates at speed and scale. Our AI-powered onboarding products help you create customisable workflows to automate and hire at scale.

Digitise end-to-end employee onboarding journeys, go contactless

Our employee onboarding products are built on AI capabilities that let you automate your onboarding processes end-to-end. You can create all-new journeys with plug-in plug-out features and conduct personal, educational and professional checks as per your industry standards or integrate our APIs in your existing processes. iBridge™ helps you beat the challenges of the new economy with customisable, accurate and contactless verification.

Customisable and integrable with any HRMS or onboarding tool

Our onboarding products come with customisable workflows where you can plug-in or out any component of background checks based on your industry-specific requirements. Our employee onboarding products can be used as stand-alone web platforms and can also be integrated into your existing HRMS / onboarding tool via APIs.

Access best-in-class verification technology to create a pool of talent for quick onboarding

Our end to end onboarding processes helps you build a rich pool of talented resources, in compliance to the regulation in your industry. Our tech-driven screening and onboarding products not only increase efficiency and lower costs but also enable safer workplaces through best-in-line screening technology.

Build stringent compliance safeguards

Our products come with in-built data security measures ensuring no data leakage or misuse via nonstorage of data. Our products are data security compliant and meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, and global encryption standards that adhere to the ever-changing compliance and regulatory industry norms.

Our Products for Staffing and Recruitment

Employee Onboarding

Our employee onboarding solution digitises and automates the process end-to-end relieving your users of cumbersome forms and paperwork. Validate personal details, verify NID documents of your candidates with customisable workflows specific to your industry requirements thus enhancing the onboarding experience. Our products are built on image recognition and liveness detection technologies that can help you verify identities instantly and catch any discrepancies right at the door.

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iBridge™ is our comprehensive product for end-to-end employee screening and onboarding. With
customisable workflows and in-depth reports on each background check case, iBridge™ makes onboarding paperless and contactless, helping you save onboarding time by 90% and reduce operational costs by 70%. iBridge™ comes as a stand-alone web platform with customisable, end-toend workflows and can also be integrated with your existing HRMS tool using our APIs.

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AuthLead™ is our leadership screening solution that validates proven track records of C-level executives, evaluates competence, credibility and operational integrity of leaders, and gives in-depth feedback from professional references, ensuring your organisation onboards senior leaders who are culturally fit and aligned to your organisation

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Our authentication technology has many use cases across industries

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