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E-commerce : Third-Party Onboarding & KYC Solutions

With 1M+ transactions taking place each day, India is the fastest growing e-commerce market with an expected growth rate of 1200% by 2026 (source: As new seller registration jumps, along with increasing employment in e-commerce, so do the challenges of fake sellers, credit card thefts and unverified employees. Our AI-powered verification technologies can mitigate these risks of fraud and other malpractices in the e-commerce industry.

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Identify fake sellers, identity and credit card thefts

Mitigate the risks of purchase frauds, false identities, credit cards thefts, false personal and card information with our digital and video KYC products that leverage the power of image recognition and liveness detection technologies to catch inconsistencies in seller, employee, or customers’ credentials.

Onboard sellers, agents and employees faster than ever, save operational costs

Make onboarding experience for e-commerce employees, agents and customers a paperless and entirely digital experience with our onboarding products that come with a user-friendly interface, customisable workflows and in-depth analytics. Our onboarding products come with easy case initiation and report generation as well, helping your organisation scale up and save operational costs by up to 70%.

Bring down cart abandonment rates

Every 7 out of 10 shoppers abandon their carts before completing their transaction (Source: Economic Times). The main reasons for cart abandonment are concerns over payment security, cumbersome sign-up and verification processes before checkout. Our customer onboarding and seller verification solutions address these challenges by enabling automated, digital KYC and onboarding, reducing your onboarding time by 90%.

Ensure complete data privacy

E-commerce platforms contain the personal and confidential data of many stakeholders. Thus, it becomes their responsibility to put in place stringent security procedures to keep this data safe. Our in-built data security measures keep your data safe from any leakages and misuse. Our products are data security compliant and meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, and global encryption standards.

Our authentication products ensure secure online transactions

Vendor Onboarding

With our vendor onboarding solutions, you can verify and validate vendor identity and other details, onboard them 10X faster and also get risk assessment reports to mitigate reputationational risks. With our AI-powered capabilities that use OCR-based text extraction and face match algorithms, eliminate the risk of onboarding professionals with a dubious profile or criminal records.

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Customer Onboarding

Our machine learning and deep search capabilities provide end-to-end customisable onboarding workflows as per your industry requirements enhancing your customer experience by relieving them of cumbersome processes and paperwork. Our automated AIpowered products provide near-instant and contactless verification reducing onboarding time by upto 90% as compared to the manual authentication procedures.

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Digital Address Verification

Digital address verification leverages the power of image recognition, GEO-tagging coordinates and liveness detection technologies to verify the identity and physical address of employees, customers, vendors and business partners from their smartphones, without having to physically move an inch.

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Employee Onboarding

Our onboarding solutions let you automate your processes end-to-end with customisable workflows, real-time reports and analytics. You can create onboarding journeys with plug-in plug-out features and conduct personal, educational and professional background checks as per your industry standards. Our products can also be integrated with your existing processes through our APIs. Our employee onboarding products help you beat the challenges of the new economy with contactless and presenceless verification.

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Our authentication products have many use cases across e-commerce

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