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Comprehensive Verification Solution for E-commerce Industry

Seller verification to delivery executive verification – Authenticating solutions for a seamless buying experience

Trusted by 2000+ Enterprises

Background Verification Solutions from Registration to Checkout


Reduce Cart Abandonment

Streamline the checkout process by minimizing buyer’s hassle of time-consuming verification processes


Fraud-Free Ecosystem

Curtail identity, payment and chargeback Frauds by placing preemptive fraud prevention mechanisms in place


Secure and Compliant

Ensure data privacy and storage compliance by leveraging compliant onboarding and verification journeys

Background Screening Solutions for E-commerce Industry

Build a secure and safe e-commerce experience by screening your employees, third-party vendors, and logistics personnel

Background Verification services for employees of all types

AuthBridge is designed to cater to all your workforce BGV needs


Blue & White collar Employees

Our platform offers a variety of options to conduct identity, address and over 140 other checks to ensure the best screening and verification of your employees, vendors and support staff.


Leadership Screening Solution

We offer a specialized background screening service for hiring C-suite and leadership positions, ensuring that reputational risks are minimized.


Extended Workforce Solution

AuthBridge’s all-in-one platform is designed to mitigate all risks associated with the extended workforce, providing you with a hassle-free solution.

Background Verification services for employees of all types
Onboarding Journeys

Risk-free Onboarding Journeys for a Secure Future

Onboard all your business partners while conducting the necessary due diligence


Seller Onboarding

Conduct KYB checks to verify the legitimacy of seller information, financial credibility and reputation


Buyer Onboarding

Encourage your customers to simply and securely register online, while conducting KYC checks in real-time


Third Party Onboarding

Ensure the authenticity of third parties by screening them for identity, business information and reputation

Fraud Prevention Solutions Across the Ecosystem

Leverage fraud prevention mechanisms to offer a secure buying experience


Identity Frauds

Prevent the misuse of the identity of an individual/entity by securing your onboarding process with advanced fraud prevention mechanisms like match logics, liveness detection and more.


Account Takeover Frauds

Protect against account takeovers with biometric-based authentication, two-factor authentication and much more.


Payment Frauds

Secure your platform against stolen card purchases and chargeback frauds by ensuring the identity of the customer who they say they are


Verification Checks for the Ecommerce Industry


National ID Verification


Digital Address Verification


Financial Health Checks


Database Web and Media Check


Employment Background Screening


GST Verification Suite


Criminal Record Check


Driving License Verification

Is Seamless Buying and Selling Experience a Priority for your Business??

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The AuthBridge Advantage

AI-Powered Verification Checks

AI-Powered Verification Checks


Industry Leading Turnaround Time


Built for Hiring at Scale

Comprehensive Solution with Manual Verification Layer

Comprehensive Solution with Manual Verification Layer

The Platform for All Your Authenticating Needs