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Eliminate cumbersome vendor onboarding processes and paperwork, reduce operational costs and onboard all the stakeholders while remaining compliant with our advanced Background verification technology that helps you onboard verified vendors, franchisees, distributors, and all the stakeholders digitally.

Ensure onboarding of genuine stakeholders

Businesses’ reputation hinges on the organisation’s workforce, hence it’s important to conduct extensive background verification to onboard only legitimate vendors, business partners, or distributors. Our Ai-powered onboarding and verification solutions come with customisable workflows, automate background checks end-to-end and give in-depth reports to help you build a secure ecosystem.

Identify fake dealerships that harm your brand

Our AI-powered capabilities leverage OCR-based text extraction and face match algorithms to conduct identity verification while our due diligence products conduct complete vendor risk assessment. With real-time background screening of service providers, you can identify vendors associated with a fraudulent or a criminal background.

Digitise onboarding, save time and costs

Make onboarding experience for vendors, distributors, business partners, and customers a contactless and fully digital experience with our onboarding products that come with a user-friendly interface, customisable workflows, document processing and e-signing. Our scalable products help you onboard vendors 10X faster, saving operational costs by up to 70% and onboarding time by up to 90%.

Our products make businesses more secure


CorpVeda™ is an insight-driven business intelligence platform built for in-depth analysis to enable risk assessment so you can choose trustworthy investees and business partners. It leverages the power of artificial intelligence and deep search algorithms that scan large volumes of data in no time.

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Footprints™ is our industry-first, digital address verification product that utilizes image recognition, GEO-tagging coordinates, and liveness detection technologies to verify the identity and physical address of employees, customers, vendors, and business partners from their smartphones, without having to physically move an inch.

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TruthScreen™ provides real-time data-based authentication using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep search algorithms to enable quicker account opening and onboarding procedures in e-commerce. TruthScreen™ leverages the largest public database along with our proprietary database to ensure your organisation adheres to compliances and regulatory guidelines without compromising on user data.

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SignDrive is our automated, cloud-based digital signing product that lets you upload, sign, submit and manage documents digitally. It combines Electronic Signatures, Digital Signatures, Automated Workflows, Authentication Services, Identity Management, Document Management, Document Tracking and Storage – all in a single design-led platform that can also be integrated with existing digital capabilities of any enterprise.

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Vault™ is our proprietary database of negative and criminal records. It leverages the power of deep search algorithms to search for various sets of permutations and combinations of a name and address against datasets of 200+ million records from 3500+ courts.

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Our authentication products have many use cases

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