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AI to automate background checks and verification

Built on AI and ML capabilities, our background check solutions enable instant ID verification using face match technologies helping you automate personal, educational and professional checks of your new hires and employees. Automating your employee screening process can relieve your HR teams of redundant calling, saving your operational costs and ensuring only verified candidates are hired.

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Automate background checks, scale up faster

Adopt automation with our end-to-end employee background checks that come with real-time dashboards and actionable insights to help you create a seamless and 10X faster onboarding experience. Our background checks ensure fastest turnaround time so you can scale up at speed, save your onboarding time and operational costs by up to 70%.

Improve candidate experience, increase productivity

Candidates can upload their documents and fill in their personal, educational and professional details using our Instaforms within minutes, sans paperwork and associated delays. Our background checks are enabled with instant ID verification and face-match technologies. This saves your onboarding time making it faster for your resources to come onboard positively impacting your productivity rates.

Stay ahead with real-time visibility on the progress

Get real-time updates on the status of employee onboarding and background checks with customisable alerts and notifications with the status of progress on each of your background verification cases. You can also view and track any insufficiencies and take actions on the go.

Customisable and integrable with any HRMS or onboarding tool

Our onboarding products come with customisable workflows where you can plug-in or out any component of background checks based on your industry-specific requirements. Our employee onboarding products can be used as stand-alone web platforms and can also be integrated into your existing HRMS / onboarding tool via APIs.

Built-in compliance and data privacy safeguards

We are committed to protecting and safeguarding data privacy of our clients and users. Our products meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements and global encryption standards so when your organisation scales up, you can be sure that it is also adhering to the ever-changing compliance requirements.

Background checks that are trusted by Fortune 500 companies

With 15+ years of experience on employee screening solutions, we are a market leader in this segment in India with global capabilities. Our employee screening and onboarding portfolio includes Fortune500 clients from several industries.


iBridge™ is a web platform that lets you automate your onboarding processes end-to-end with the fastest turnaround time. You can customise the workflows, plug-in or plug-out components that are specific to your organisation and create a seamless, paperless onboarding experience

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Footprints™ is our industry-first, digital address verification product built on optical character recognition (OCR), facial recognition and liveness detector technologies that can help your verify addresses of your employees, customers or business partners in remote locations.

Learn more about Footprints™


Workattest™ is our web platform that completely automates ex employment verification for employees across industries. It is built on intelligent algorithms enabling accurate searches and comes with data analytics that offer insights on attrition rates.

Learn more about WorkAttest™


Vault™ is our proprietary database of negative and criminal records. It leverages the power of AI to search for various sets of permutations and combinations of that name and address against datasets from 3500+ courts and 200+ million records.

Learn more about Vault™

Student Services Bureau

Student Services Bureau (SSB) is an automated data security compliant verification process for students and educational institutes. SSB leverages the power of deep search algorithms, artificial intelligence and a comprehensive database built by collaborating with India’s colleges and universities.

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Key Checks in Employee Screening Solutions

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Identity Check

Quick identity verification through validation of national IDsVoter’s ID, Passport etc.

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Address Verification

Confirmation of residential address - current, previous, or permanent - through physical site visit and digital address verification

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Education Check

Validation of documentary evidence of an employee’s educational qualification

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Reference Check

Validation of a candidate’s integrity and competence through primary sources

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India - Court Record Database Check

A search of data released by the courts, police, and CBI in the public domain

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Employment Verification

Validation of employment history

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Drug Abuse Test

Drug and substance abuse test as per business needs and drug screening policy

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FAQs for the ever curious

  • We have a proper in-house verification team, why would we require you?

    We understand; however, a Screening Company, which is a specialist in this field, has the right tools, processes and expertise as compared to an in-house HR team. While a screening services company can go to a great extent to do various checks, an Internal HR team can only focus more on Reference and Employment Checks.

  • We would like to empanel a global vendor, are you the same?

    We have a presence in more than 140 countries all around the globe. We work with some of the biggest Fortune 500 MNCs who have chosen to work with us despite having Global connection with some of our international competitors based on our capabilities and position as the largest BGV company in India. We have exclusive tie-ups with vendors across the country and abroad.

  • Will ARS be able to conduct verification across all locations in India?

    Yes, we have offices across 6 cities and field representatives across the country. We have our own fleet on street across locations and in extremely remote locations, we work with fixed vendor network with whom we have long term arrangements and who strictly comply with our quality requirements

  • How many days do you take to complete the checks?

    Identity checks and criminal database checks can be performed in real-time or near-real time. For all other checks, the standard TAT is 14 working days. However, there are checks like Police Verification & Education verification whose written reports will take longer as we are dependent on Government and other agencies for a response. Final Report is sent basis a verbal response and the written revert goes out as an Additional Report. However, the client is billed on the Final Report.

  • How is AuthBridge different from local vendors that offer BGV services at much cheaper rates?

    Local vendors work in a particular territory, have limited product offerings, and can afford to provide the BGV services within this criterion at very low rates. AuthBridge has a Pan-India presence and global delivery capabilities in more than 140 countries. We are the largest BGV company in the country, and we have end to end automation capability developed in house that can run the complete BGV process efficiently across all channels. Close to 28 types of checks along with due diligence and special BGV services for C-level executives are part of our product portfolio. Hence, we provide a comprehensive, systematic, and efficient BGV experience up to global standards.

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