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Surging from 16% to 24%, frauds committed by senior management increased in number.*

*Source: Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2018

Critical Hire Screening – AuthLead™

AuthLead™ from AuthBridge is an exclusive, custom solution for senior executive screening. Going beyond basic screening, it conducts a 360-degree assessment of a candidate, be it CEOs, CXOs or senior managers, for credibility and leadership competence. Gathering industry perception, feedback from references found through primary research, and inputs from web and media repositories, AuthLead™ verifies the identity and profile of a candidate.

Hire competent, ethical and culturally fit top leaders with AuthLead™

AuthLead™ helps in preventing hiring of leaders with past involvement in unethical practices, disciplinary misconduct and a positive criminal record. The solution evaluates a potential candidate for traits such as drive, leadership skills and cultural fitness as well as mitigates risks of financial frauds due to compromised work ethics, missed goals due to unproductive senior employees. It also aids in avoiding inadequate verification of top hires due to lean HR departments.


AuthLead™ generates reliable reports basis verification from primary sources. Other benefits include:

  • Accurate, quality background checks with detailed reporting

  • Fast and insightful results to ensure faster onboarding

  • Intense research and fact-finding techniques to turn raw information into meaningful business insights

  • A comprehensive solution for organisations of all sizes, across industries

Key Checks
  • Employment Verification

    In-depth screening of a candidate’s past employment records

  • Education Verification

    Validation of documentary evidence of an employee’s educational qualification

  • India-Comprehensive Criminal Record Database Check

    A criminal record search under candidate’s name in major databases – criminal litigation, State Police, CBI, Interpol, WCCB, NIA etc.

  • India - Credit History Check

    A quick check of candidate’s financial background through credit bureaus

  • Reference Check (Advanced)

    A 360-degree exhaustive verification of a candidate’s integrity, performance and competence

  • India - Reputational Risk Database Check

    A negative record search under the candidate’s name in Indian regulatory databases- SEBI, RBI, MCA, BSE, RBI, NSE etc.

  • Global Database Check

    A search through Regulatory, Compliance & Debarment Databases around the world

  • Web and Media Check

    A negative media check including online searches for any negative media article about an employee

Cultural fitness is as important as education, especially for a leadership candidate.
AuthBridge makes assessing cultural fitness easy.
An IT Solutions company almost employed a top-level hire with a fake IIM-A degree
Our case study reveals how to avoid the same mistake and prevent business losses
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What is the difference between a traditional background verification and AuthLead™?
AuthLead™ makes use of more intense research techniques, both Primary (Telephonic or Field Interviews) and Secondary (Digital) for a 360-degree exhaustive check as the C-suite employees can have a direct impact on a company’s reputation.
What is the turnaround time for the completion of verification?
Turnaround time depends on the scope of work. The verification is completed by the time mutually agreed upon at the time of signing the contract.

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