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Video Liveness Detection

Stay a step ahead with our liveness detection technology that shields biometric authentication against spoofing and misuse. Our technology uses biometric anti-spoof algorithms to ensure that the image presented for verification by a customer is real and not just a photo of a document by determining the user’s presence through randomised gestures and matching with user NID, like Passport, PAN or Aadhaar, to ensure that an entity is who they say they are, before sending the user to the next step of their onboarding process. Liveness Detection can be a valued asset for digital identity verification for RBI and SEBI Regulated entities (RE), gaming companies and the sharing economy.

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AI to catch identity thefts and frauds

Photo identity is the basic layer of individual identity verification. Fraudsters can manipulate this in an unsupervised digital identity verification process by uploading stolen documents. Our AI-powered facial recognition technology accurately captures live image of the individual using biometric anti-spoof algorithms ensuring that the same image is real and not a photo of a document, helping you catch identity thefts and frauds right at the door.

Minimal onboarding time and reduced operational costs

Complete digitisation of your onboarding and verification process with image recognition with an added layer of liveness detection means zero paperwork reducing onboarding time by up to 90% thus helping you save operational costs by up to 70%.

Get complete visibility over audit trail

Our liveness detection technology gives you complete control over the status and progress of verification while keeping the entire audit trail with date, location and time stamping.

Data security-compliant process

Apart from adding convenience and speed to your onboarding process, our liveness detection technology meets the global standards for data privacy and security by ensuring non-storage of extracted data, NIDs and OVDs.

Three-step Liveness Detection

Document capture and validation (OCR) Document capture and validation (OCR)
Liveness Detection via gesture based authentication Liveness Detection via gesture based authentication
Face match percentage with liveness test confirmation Face match percentage with liveness test confirmation
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FAQs for the ever curious

  • How does Liveness Detection work?

    Liveness detection algorithms analyse images or videos and can validate whether the uploaded video/Image belongs to a live person or a fake. Both gesture-based and selfie-based methods combined with the power of AI are used to conduct liveness detection.

  • Can I conduct Liveness detection for my customers?

    Yes, Liveness detection can be conducted by any industry player to verify its customers, if it is implemented into the workflow as per industry regulation. It is an additional safety net to catch fake identities or individuals uploading photo of a photo or to control access to import assets. Possible use cases can be seen across insurance, on demand economy, matrimonial and dating apps etc.

  • What devices support liveness detection technology?

    Our Liveness detection is supported both by Mobile and PC webcams with a process designed to the unique fraud risks of a computer-based platform like photoshopped images being put in front of the camera.

Leverage the power of Video Liveness Detection.

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