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Vault™ is our proprietary database of negative and criminal record check. It leverages the power of AI and deep search algorithms to search for various sets of permutations and combinations of a name and address against datasets of 200+ million records from 3500+ courts. This database is a goldmine to onboard and authenticate employees, customers, and business partners, especially in the BFSI and on-demand sectors.

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Scan 200+ million records, 3500+ courts in a few seconds

Vault™ incorporates data mining, supervised learning, regression analysis and deep search algorithms to look for matches of criminal history at a pan-India level. Enter a candidate’s name and address on Vault™ and our proprietary AI engine searches for various sets of permutations and combinations of that name and address against datasets from 3500+ courts, police FIRs, crime watchlists and thousands of tribunals across India. It scans 200+ million records and comes up with the best possible matches (along with a probability score) in a matter of seconds.

Comprehensive database with multiple data points

Get access to multiple data points as Vault™ comprises various pan-India databases like civil and criminal litigation, advanced web and media searches, credit defaulters list, crime watchlist and reputational risk databases in a single platform delivering cost-effectiveness through single point, digital results. It categorises scattered records across these data sources to deliver instant, accurate results saving you from the cumbersome task of searching through these individual public databases

Advanced name matching algorithms for linguistics mapping

Vault™ comes with advanced name-matching algorithms that reduce linguistic and phonetic nuances for pan-India efficiency delivering the most appropriate search results from millions of cases to achieve best-in-class accuracy. Vault™ features plug-n-play integration modules that enable industry-specific customisation and an easy to use design-first user interface.

The Vault™ Advantage

78 million court records 78 million court records
6000 Indian courts' records 6000 Indian courts' records
37 million checks delivered 37 million checks delivered
32 states/union territories 32 states/union territories

Get access to comprehensive databases with Vault™

India Civil and Criminal Litigation Databases

India Civil and Criminal Litigation Databases

India Advanced Web and Media Search

India Advanced Web and Media Search

India Credit Default Databases

India Credit Default Databases

India Crime Watchlist

India Crime Watchlist

India Reputational Risk Databases

India Reputational Risk Databases

FAQs for the ever curious

  • What kind of details do you verify in this check?

    We can verify a candidate’s criminal history, civil records, financial history, general reputation and online presence through this check.

  • When is the candidate marked as clear?

    Where no exact or partial match is found and where an exact or partial name match has been ruled out by DOB and Father's name validation.

  • Why can’t I do criminal checks myself if data is publicly available?

    All this data is not available at a single domain. Experts like AuthBridge have collated this data over the years. Moreover, sorting the data available to find a possible match from millions of records needs intelligence. AuthBridge has invested in technologies like AI and ML that make this search easier by scanning that data in minutes and giving the best possible matches.

  • What is credit database check?

    Search for the existence of a candidate in publicly available defaulter’s List of CIBIL or other credit bureaus. Search will be conducted in defaulters’ lists released over the previous 4 quarters. This contains data of individuals who may have defaulted on a loan worth INR 25 lakh or more.

  • What is the process of conducting India- Advanced Web & Media searches?

    AuthBridge has access to the programmable Internet search tools and most comprehensive India specific media database covering digital media sources, including economic and financial publications. Articles naming individuals involved in criminal and civil litigation are also searched for.

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