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Image Blurriness Detection

Image blurriness often comes in the way of finishing KYC or onboarding processes leading to delays in onboarding and eventually, customer dissatisfaction. Our Image Blurriness Detection algorithms address this issue with AI-powered image recognition technology that ensures the images captured are machine-readable so that data can be extracted with precision, requiring minimal customer intervention and greater customer satisfaction.

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Accurate face-match using image recognition technology

Get notified each time there is a skewed, blurry or disoriented image right at the beginning of the onboarding process so that you can catch discrepancies and potential identity thefts with AI-powered high-quality image processing. This also spares your operational teams the effort of going back to customers in cases of unclear data or lack of information

Accurate OCR on captured NID images for verification

Our OCR and data extraction technology accurately captures images on national identity cards, along with capturing clear wet signatures on scanned copies of documents submitted, adding speed and accuracy to your onboarding and verification processes.

Highly secure and data security compliant

Apart from adding convenience and speed to your onboarding process, the image blurriness detection technology meets global standards for data privacy and security by ensuring non-storage of extracted data, NIDs and OVDs.

AI-powered technology ensures seamless onboarding experience

Our AI-powered OCR and Image Blurriness technologies eliminate the paperwork involved in onboarding and verification processes, reduces the need for wet signatures and makes customer onboarding a seamless experience. Built on machine learning capabilities, it can easily manage sudden spikes in user ID image capture, extraction, and verification.

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FAQs for the ever curious

  • Do you conduct an image blurriness before OCR?

    Yes, our advanced algorithm can help to detect blurriness in captured images, guides user to recapture images in case of non-validity, to ensure only non-pixelated images are inputted for extraction and further data verification, to reduce the frequency of manual intervention and support calls with the customer.

  • What is the threshold for a blurred image generally?

    Any image with a sharpness threshold between 80-90% can be considered as non-blurry and will be an acceptable input for conducting further processing and verification.

Leverage the power of Image Blurriness Detection technology.

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