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Terms and Conditions for Stamp

Disclaimer cum Undertaking
I do hereby solemnly affirm:

1. That the Stamp Paper(s) uploaded for the execution of the Agreement has been procured by me/us through genuine & authentic means/sources. I/We affirm that the said Stamp Paper(s) are legitimate and not fabricated.

2. That the above-mentioned Stamp Paper(s) have not been used for any other agreement/purpose previously, and the same is being used for the first time for the purpose of the present Agreement/transaction.

3. That I/We understand that M/s AuthBridge Research Services Private Limited
(hereinafter referred to as “AuthBridge”) will not verify the authenticity of the Stamp Paper(s) uploaded by me/us for the execution of the Agreement. I further understand that AuthBridge is not responsible for the computation of the appropriate stamp duty for the Agreement.

4. That I/We understand that AuthBridge is only involved in the execution of the Agreement as an intermediary and is not liable to verify the contents/legality of the Agreement or ensure its enforcement.

5. That I/We undertake not to hold AuthBridge responsible/liable in any manner whatsoever, in case any of the above-mentioned events or otherwise.

6. That I/We undertake to hold AuthBridge completely harmless against any of the liability arising out of the above-mentioned events.

7. That I/We undertake to indemnify AuthBridge for any losses incurred by SignDrive arising out of any of the above-mentioned events.

Additional information:

The following documents cannot be validly signed and authenticated using digital signatures:
. A negotiable instrument (other than a cheque).
. Power of Attorney.
. A trust.
. A will.
. Any contract for the sale or conveyance of immovable property or any interest in such property.

For more information:
. Section 85-A of the Indian Evidence Act, 1972
. Section 10-A of the Information Technology Act, 2000