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Our Onboarding & Verification Products

Our Onboarding and Verification products streamline employee onboarding and verification journeys swiftly and securely. Built on top of new-age authentication technologies, these products ensure our clients are future-ready in the face of inventions in the HR tech.


Verify your customers in real-time with TruthScreen™ – our AI-enabled KYC and risk profiling product that delivers data-based insights about your customers, employees and business partners. TruthScreen™ is built on capabilities like OCR, facial recognition and liveness detection that help you validate identity in real-time, at scale. Automating verification and KYC processes also means relief for your customers from excessive form-filling and physical documentation

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As the world evolves beyond 2020, it is imperative for organisations to automate, digitise and add speed to their onboarding processes. iBridge™ is a web platform with capabilities that let you automate your onboarding processes end-to-end. You can create all-new journeys with plug-in plug-out features and conduct personal, educational and professional checks as per your industry standards or integrate our APIs in your existing processes. iBridge™ helps you beat the challenges of the new economy with customisable, accurate and contactless verification.

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Create end-to-end digital onboarding journeys for your vendors, partners, freelancers, gaming players, or anyone using OnboardX – our automated onboarding product to verify and validate personal, educational, professional and financial details to ensure remote and contactless onboarding experience for new users. Built primarily on our onboarding platform iBridge™, OnboardX leverages the power of AI to make identity verification and onboarding journeys completely digital and paperless, saving your onboarding time and operational costs.

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Footprints is our industry-first, digital address verification product that leverages the power of image recognition, GEO-tagging coordinates and liveness detection technologies to verify the identity and physical address of employees, customers, vendors and business partners from their smartphones, without having to physically move an inch.

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Validate proven track records of C-level executives, evaluate competence, credibility and operational integrity of leaders, and get in-depth feedback from professional references with AuthLead™ – our specialised product for leadership screening that helps your organisation onboard senior leaders who are culturally fit and aligned to your organisation.

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SignDrive is our automated, cloud-based digital signing product that lets you upload, sign, submit and manage documents digitally. SignDrive enables multiple users to electronically sign documents on a cloud-based storage while giving you complete control and transparency. SignDrive combines Electronic Signatures, Digital Signatures, Automated Workflows, Authentication Services, Identity Management, Document Management, Document Tracking and Storage – all in a single design-led platform that can also be integrated with existing digital capabilities of any enterprise.

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WorkAttest™ is a web-based platform powered by highly secure anti-tamper technology, which completely automates the process of ex-employment verification for employers across industries. Your HR team needs to ensure feeding in the ex-employee data like work tenure, profile, exit interview forms, etc. into the web platform and WorkAttest™ will respond to future verification requests on your behalf, instantly and efficiently.

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Student Services Bureau (SSB) is an automated data security compliant verification process for students and educational institutes. SSB leverages the power of deep search algorithms, artificial intelligence and a comprehensive database built by collaborating with India’s colleges and universities. Its powerful analytics give real-time reports and results, eliminating waiting time of getting responses from educational institutions, and has a design-led user interface making it easy to use.

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