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What’s New at AuthBridge | June Exciting Product Updates

Product Updates Blog | June

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Here we are again with another month of exciting advancements. 

We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of identity verification and risk management technology, and we’re thrilled to share the latest updates designed to empower your business.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of our new features, functionality enhancements, and platform integrations – all meticulously crafted to elevate your user experience and streamline your workflows. 


  • Auto Signing Feature: Now the signing process is made much faster and seamless! Once a signer clicks on the Signing tag, then all other signature tags get automatically filled and the journey ends. This leads to better user experience and especially in cases of blue-collar workers who ain’t that tech-friendly this feature helps in reducing drop-offs. The auto-signing feature will simplify the signing process, reducing the risk of errors or confusion, and eliminating the need to repetitively add signatures – making the process faster.

  • Configurable Consent Box: E-signatures often require signers to acknowledge their consent to terms and conditions. The configurable consent box enhances this by allowing customization to better suit specific situations. The consent can be customised to reflect the specific agreement or contract being signed. This ensures clarity and offers greater transparency and flexibility in the e-signing process.

  • Vernacular Texts: Multilingual capabilities are becoming increasingly important in e-signatures. With vernacular texts, we offer multiple language support where the e-signature interface and signing journey can be displayed in various languages, catering to a wider audience.

This feature allows for more regional accessibility to users in different regions by providing instructions and prompts in their native language. Not only it will cater to a global audience, but will also ensure a smooth signing experience for everyone involved.


  • Insufficiency Tracker: In the advanced iBridge dashboard, you can easily track information insufficiencies. You get real-time updates on all pending verifications, and you can slice and dice the data any way you need. With full visibility and control, clients can now easily track where the holdups are and address them immediately.

This will make the onboarding much more seamless than ever. Not only this, clients can schedule a tracker to get live status updates straight to their inboxes. This way, they don’t have to manually check the status and stay always in the loop without any extra effort.


  • Separate Watchlist for High-Risk Vendors: Now clients can create different watchlists to categorize vendors based on the severity of their risk profile. These watchlists in the OnboardX dashboard can be constantly updated with new details.

A separate watchlist for high-risk vendors allows organizations to manage risk more effectively during the onboarding and contract creation process. By tailoring contract terms and due diligence practices to the specific risk profile of each vendor, organizations can minimize the potential for negative consequences.

This new feature of creating watchlists can trigger a more thorough due diligence process for high-risk vendors, including financial checks, references, and other assessments. Clients can now clearly define performance expectations, response times, and detailed service level agreements for non-compliance.


  • Mega PAN: Mega PAN goes beyond just verifying the PAN itself. It can potentially streamline verification processes by offering a one-stop solution for comprehensive PAN details.

It checks the PAN holder’s name, father’s name, and mobile number against the Universal Account Number (UAN). This multi-point verification provides a more robust picture of the PAN’s authenticity.

The verification provides a larger set of details compared to a basic PAN check. 

This includes:

  • Name
  • Father’s name (matches PAN data)
  • Email address (if available)
  • Phone number (matches mobile number against UAN)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • PAN category
  • Masked Aadhaar number (partial Aadhaar for privacy)
  • Whether Aadhaar is linked to PAN
  • UAN (if applicable)
  • Address

With this wider range of data points being verified, clients can be more confident about the legitimacy of the PAN holder and the information they provide. This can be particularly important for financial transactions or other sensitive interactions.

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