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Webinar Recap: How to Conduct Education Verification with Digilocker

webinar on education verification via digilocker

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Picture yourself heading to an interview at a multinational company. You ace all the rounds and get selected, but when it’s time to submit your documents, you realize you left your educational degrees at home. Despite clearing the challenging interviews, not having your documents readily available makes you feel unprofessional. Now, imagine having a digital platform where all your educational degrees and mark sheets are easily accessible. Sounds fantastic, right?

This is exactly what the Digilocker project, initiated by the Ministry of Electronics & IT under the Digital India program, offers. Launched in 2015, this digital platform has become increasingly popular among individuals and organisations. Helping change the way we keep and use our documents, it’s like a secure online storage space for your important documents and certificates.

What is DigiLocker?

DigiLocker is an initiative started by the Indian government under the Digital India program. It is designed to provide every individual with a personal document storage space. This cloud-based solution offers a secure, stable, accessible, and convenient way to store and share essential documents.

Webinar Recap: Exploring DigiLocker and its Uses for Background Verification

As part of our customer enablement initiatives, AuthBridge recently conducted a webinar where we explored various use cases and benefits of DigiLocker while conducting the educational verification of the employees. The webinar was facilitated by Vibhor Jain, product manager for onboarding solutions.

During the webinar, we delved into how AuthBridge utilises DigiLocker to streamline their background verification. It offers a seamless user experience, transforming a difficult education verification check process into a simple three-step journey. Users only need to provide a few key details: the university name, enrolment number, and year of passing for the educational degree they wish to verify. With these details in hand, users can swiftly access their educational credentials.

Key Benefits of DigiLocker

  • Elimination of Manual Processes

The digitisation of verification processes replaces manual methods, significantly reducing the risk of human error. This shift from manual to digital processes helps in enhancing overall efficiency. 

  • Enhanced Accuracy

DigiLocker simplifies the document-handling process, providing users with a simplified three-step journey to access their educational degrees. This integration ensures a fast background check journey with a near-perfect accuracy that reduces the risk of discrepancies and provides the authenticity and reliability of documents.

  • Cost Reduction

With the digitisation of processes, both individuals and organisations save money and time. Thus, there is no longer a need to physically visit multiple universities to obtain multiple documents.

  • Reduction in TAT

One of the most significant benefits provided by DigiLocker is the significant reduction in the turnaround time (TAT) by 80%, allowing for a quick verification process.

Frequently Asked Questions

During the webinar, there were a few questions asked by the audience which have been listed below. These questions can help the readers provide insights into the workings of DigiLocker and how this digital platform can be leveraged effectively:

  • How does the process of DigiLocker reduce insufficiency?

By verifying their identities and retrieving documents directly from the university’s DigiLocker account, there is no chance of incorrect documents being fetched. Thus, the count of insufficiencies decreases significantly.

  • How accurate is DigiLocker information?

Since the documents presented are digitally verified by the universities, the accuracy is nearly perfect. 

  • What if a candidate does not have a DigiLocker ID? Do they have to create one?

No, all the candidate needs is a valid Aadhar card and mobile phone. DigiLocker will simply ask the candidates to set a 6-digit PIN. This will help them create an account during the journey. 

  • Why should the candidate upload the document that can be fetched from DigiLocker? 

The candidate does not have to upload any documents as the platform will fetch documents directly from the university’s account. 

  • Is there any maximum number of documents that can be fetched from DigiLocker?

No, there is no maximum limit. Candidates can fetch all their documents if available in DigiLocker. 

  • Sometimes candidates do not have proper mobile numbers connected with their Aadhar. What happens in that scenario?

If a candidate does not have a proper mobile number connected with Aadhar, they can simply click the ‘Return to AuthBridge Research Services’ button on the DigiLocker page. They can then upload their educational documents in iBridge to complete the form submission. 

  • Are there any guidelines that go with the email about the DigiLocker feature? How will the candidate be informed?

When the candidate updates all their education details, instructions related to the DigiLocker process will appear in a popup. The candidate must read and click ‘Continue’ to redirect to the DigiLocker pages.

  • Is it mandatory for candidates to go through the DigiLocker process?

Yes, if you have chosen the DigiLocker mode of verification and the candidate’s education institute is available, the candidate must go through the DigiLocker journey.

  • Is there a cutoff year for the documents available on DigiLocker?

No, there is no specific cutoff date. Documents are available on DigiLocker as soon as the educational institutions upload them. 

  • Does DigiLocker work only for UG/PG or school education as well?

Yes, DigiLocker supports both school education and higher education. 

  • Are these documents uploaded only by educational institutes?

Yes, these documents are uploaded and digitally signed by the respective educational institutes.

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