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How safe are your new senior level hires?

Dec 16, 2019

526 cases of sexual harassment of women at workplace were reported in the year 2014. And the number is only rising! Recently, another shocking and shameful incident was reported by The Times of India. A manager with a financial services major has accused a top company executive of sexually harassing her over three years and demanding that she sleep with an associate.

This revelation is disturbing. Indeed!

How is your organization ensuring a safer workplace?

It is an increasing cause of concern and puts a big question mark on the safety of work spaces. These unwanted elements at workplace cannot always be checked. But as a first line of defence, a careful background verification can help to avert such incidents. A 360 background check of senior level hires could be done to reduce possibilities of workplace misconduct. The following few checks could help to at least filter out the past wrong doers.

Hygiene background check- an exhaustive check including employment and education check. Thorough reference check – checking through personal and professional networks. Criminal record check verifying through national and global databases to check for past criminal records

Police record check- police records are checked for criminality.

The big question is how many companies think that senior hires should be screened differently? Screening infuses some level of confidence into the employers at the time of hiring. As much as an organization finds it difficult to predict falsehoods, screening can definitely help to a certain extent.  Conduct an executive due diligence on the senior hire to dig deeper into their background.