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Fake address by candidate rises again!

Many with disreputable backgrounds often get away with it, due to the slipshod methods of address checks. An address check gained importance to ensure a truthful candidate walks in for the interview and later joins in as an employee.

Address is an important aspect of a potential candidate’s identity. Candidates may conceal their old addresses in an attempt to hide prior criminal convictions, arrests or litigation proofs and records to establish new identity in the job market. Obviously, all candidates want to stand an equal chance in the race to grab a lucrative job. An address check enables you to reach the candidate when they exit the organization or are absconding with company valuables. An address check takes place through site visits, the permanent and current address held and neighbourhood investigation by the candidate.

Address verification results reflect how discrepancy dropped from FY14 at 9.25% to FY15 at 6.56%. But in the FY16, address misrepresentation hiked up at 6.80%, though marginally.

(Source: AuthBridge Annual Trend Report 2016). An address check should ideally be designed in such a fashion that it is conducted in the most cost effective way. The best way to confirm an address is through the candidate’s presence itself. In his/her absence, can also be verified through family/relatives. In case of nobody at home, then the neighbors are checked on with full details of the candidate.

A thorough physical address verification of candidate’s current or permanent address is inevitable. In fact, even the field executive needs to tracked to ensure his findings are authentic and an on spot verification has been conducted. If any discrepancy is found out in the address details provided, a further background verification can be run to cross check glitches in the resume presented by the candidate.

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