Driver Screening: Is your next driver safe?

Driver Screening Is your next driver safe

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In the unlock phase of COVID pandemic, businesses are fast recovering to near-normal levels, resulting in a surge in blue-collar hiring. When an organisation hires blue-collar staff like drivers, delivery boys etc, reputational risks of hiring a fraud or an unethical candidate with a possible criminal background or even fake identity are the greatest risks. With the rising cases of hit and run, sexual assaults, delivery frauds, etc, committed by drivers in the country, it is inevitable that their identity and credentials are verified using driver screening solutions to keep organizations safe. 

“A 26-year-old Ola cab driver arrested by the Mumbai police for molesting a 15-year-old female passenger. The case in example is the recent story in The Hindustan Times. This is good food for thought for hiring teams to remember at the time of driver verification. This is why HR teams should think about including AuthBridge-powered driver background verification and onboarding solutions into their suite of safe hiring processes. 

So, how does our technology- driven driver license verification solution work?  

Let’s Introduce our Blue-Collar Screening Solution for Drivers First

Our technology driven, qualitative background screening solution for your blue-collar staff can mitigate your business risks and protect your reputation. We follow a consultative approach to improve your existing verification processes, to protect your business against serious reputational damages in the future. Checks like instant identity verification, digital address verification, criminal record verification, etc. are a part of our automated, end-to-end blue collar background verification screening solution. It’s true that mere absence of criminal history is not an indicator of future honesty but still it gives some sense into an employee’s character and past behavioural pattern.


Top Benefits of Our Driver Screening Solution:

  • Faster and scalable solution

Our driver screening solution reduces the onboarding time by 90% with the use of its native platforms. This enables faster verification and onboarding of drivers at scale. This also keeps your HR teams charged up for more productive work. 

  • Customisable employee journeys

Our blue-collar verification for drivers keeps focus around simplifying employee journeys. It guarantees a simple sequence of steps to upload documents, interact with concerned HR people and digitally sign all forms.

  • Reliable and qualitative checks

Backed by AuthBridge’s cutting edge technology, driver screening is the best way to build trust within your organisation and outside.

  • Multilingual, easy to use

Using our intuitive dashboards, it’s quite easy to initiate an online driver verification case. National identities can be checked in real-time with the help of technologies like OCR, anti-spoof image recognition and face match.

  • New age technology

The technology we use for driver verification enables future-readiness by bringing speed, efficiency and safety to your onboarding and verification processes. We always prioritize technology no matter how old we get in the verification space.

  • Presence across tier 1 and 2

Our blue-collar screening solutions including driver screening are available PAN India for all hiring needs. Infact, we cover all tier 2 and tier 2 cities as well.

  • Compliance driven data security

For most companies, compliance, and security of verification platforms is of serious concern. Blue-collar screening by AuthBridge meets all regulatory and compliance requirements to enable background checks against public databases. This takes care of the overall hygiene and compliance environment. 


By now, we are sure you understand the importance of driver background checks, but it’s equally important to shed light on the different facets of AuthBridge’s Blue-Collar Background Screening Solutions:

Digital Address Verification

Verify the address of the hiring driver using our tech-enabled platforms with the power of image recognition, GEO-tagging coordinates and liveness detection technologies. This ensures that they can be tracked down in case they go missing. This lends authenticity to the identity and existence of the driver, who stays at an address where he can be reached.

Court Record Check

A court record check entails checking a person’s criminal history and past activities to assess their trustworthiness. Criminal record check ensures that some additional facts, information, and background data on the driver come to the forefront allowing you to make an informed decision.

Instant ID Checks

Every now and then, news channels bring to light the urgent need for identity checks as a part of driver screening. Our blue-collar screening solution uses advanced platforms that can conduct identity verification in real-time and accurately. This is to verify if the identity of the driver is genuine, and not stolen. 

Bank Account Verification

We work very closely on API-driven platforms to get quick bank account verification done for the next drivers for your organization. 

If this interests you, let us have a chat.

You can write to us at and we can arrange for a quick demo to help you understand how our blue-collar screening solution works better and faster.

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