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Turning the Tables: Celebrating Women’s Impact on International Women’s Day

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In a world where women have long been celebrated for their resilience, creativity, and unwavering strength, International Women’s Day 2024 marks a pivotal moment. It’s a day to honour the women who grace our lives with their presence and to spotlight their indispensable role in shaping our collective future.

As we pause to commemorate this occasion, we’ve decided to turn the tables this time and let men take centre stage.


Yes, you read that right!


In a refreshing reversal of roles, we’re putting men at the forefront to acknowledge and celebrate women’s profound impact on their professional and personal journeys.

Join us as we hear from some of the brilliant minds in our leadership, individuals who have experienced firsthand the transformative power of women in their lives.

  • Ajay Trehan, Founder & CEO, AuthBridge
  • Anil Dhar, SVP – Client Servicing & Founding Member 
  • Raviraj Singh Ghai, SVP – Operations & Founding Member 

share their stories of how women have been the driving force behind their growth, success, and conquests.


Watch the video here

Q-1) In a world where stereotypes often prevail, how do you think women challenge traditional norms and bring fresh perspectives?

Ajay Trehan: 

I feel women bring very different leadership styles to the table. Women tend to emphasise more collaboration in work, which brings a different kind of flavour to the business rather than the traditional authoritative style of making decisions.

Anil Dhar: 

The faith they have in themselves of doing things, doing better things, doing well in society is very different than what it used to be some 15, 20 years back.


Ravi Raj Singh: 

They are taking up challenges and roles that challenge the image India has built for them over the ages. But I would like to share my wife’s example. In India, we say that when a female is driving, you must be careful—this is the stereotype. But it’s the other way around. When she is driving, she is the one who is very happy and drives comfortably and confidently.

Q-2) Share a moment when a woman's perspective changed your problem-solving approach.

Ajay Trehan: 

It’s hard to identify one event! But there are so many wonderful and capable women working in AuthBridge. I see women making decisions, acting and working the same way as men would have, and, in most cases, being more decisive and engaging in leadership roles. I feel proud that we’ve given them an environment where they can nurture their ambitions and aspirations.


Anil Dhar:

The zeal with which they are willing to commit to a particular thing, whether it is their work at the office or it is their work at home.


Raviraj Singh Ghai:

Whenever I’m facing a challenge, I eat less. My face looks very anxious. That’s when I’m reminded to take long breaths and smile a lot because the outputs do not depend on the lot we do. Sometimes, we also need to have faith that the output will be right and keep on doing your effort. 

Q-3) Give a shout-out to your biggest female cheerleader

Ajay Trehan: 

I’ve been fortunate to have some wonderful women in my family, some close friends, and great colleagues. My wife Aarti and my mother have seen me through very different times of my life—happy and sad. We have had some great success, and they ensured that I never get out of the zone of humility.


Anil Dhar: 

I think my biggest cheerleader has been my daughter.


Raviraj Singh Ghai: 

One would be very difficult! My mother, my sisters and then I married my wife, who is very strong in terms of her personality. And now, my daughter, for her unwavering support. I am always her hero- so that’s what I enjoy.

Q-4) If you could step into a woman's shoes for a day, what would you want to learn and why?

Ajay Trehan: 

They have the innate ability to multitask and are much stronger mentally than men tend to be. That’s what has made them come so far in the corporate world. 


Anil Dhar: 

I think multitasking. We say that men and women are equal and share equal responsibilities. But when it comes to home, society and individuals, or even men today, expect that most of the responsibility has to be taken care of by the woman herself.


Raviraj Singh Ghai: 

I’ll be scared to do that, honestly! They are the biggest multitaskers that you can see in today’s time. When they wake up, the first thing in the morning is to do some tasks, maybe making up a bed or thinking about the kids, making them ready. Though I support them, the kind of responsibility they own, and it’s not just at home. When I work with my colleagues, they also complete the task in the morning. I see emails coming up at 7 a.m.

Q-5) What is the most empowering thing any woman has ever said to you?

Ajay Trehan:
My wife can figure out within a second if something is troubling without me telling her.


Raviraj Singh Ghai: 

I recall my grandmom telling me to have faith, be thankful, live in gratitude, dream big, and believe in the power of belief.


Anil Dhar: 

Chinta mat karo, mai hu na!

From boardrooms to living rooms, women are turning out to be the driving forces of change, innovation, and progress. Let’s continue to amplify their voices, celebrate their achievements, and strive for a more inclusive and equitable world, not just on International Women’s Day but every day. 

So here’s to the women who inspire, challenge, and uplift us—may we honour them today and always. 

Happy International Women’s Day!

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