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We are AuthBridge

The pioneers of background intelligence in India and knowledge partner to the industry

The AuthBridge Story
Pioneers of Scripting ‘Background Screening’ in India

Our story begins in 2005, when global organisations were looking at India to outsource their processes. These organisations needed to ensure that the employees hired in India had personal and professional credibility as they were going to be exposed to sensitive information and data. The risk in working with unverified employees was huge and our founding team was quick to realize that. Thus, began our background screening and risk management services.

The Journey from Screening to Intelligence

AuthBridge started with the realization for the dire need of background verification services at the time when the Indian market did not have the formal infrastructure to fulfill this gap. From developing processes to establishing standards and best practices- AuthBridge built this industry in India from the scratch. Our initial operations were completely manual and necessitated a lot of paperwork. We took our first stride towards technology when we built – Bridge – an online system that led to assembly-line-like handling of our operations, enabling efficiency, speed and scalability for the handling of verification cases. 

But conducting a single verification still meant engaging multiple contacts to initiate enquiries and follow up. Moreover, government bodies, universities and employers did not have integrated databases or designated personnel to whom verification queries could be addressed.

The need for creating our own universe of data and building efficiency through automation seemed like the only way out. Not shirking away from the responsibility, we worked arduously to create databases, conduct continuous data mining and live scraping of data, build algorithms to enable quick and accurate searches, and to perform quality checks and vulnerability tests enabling data security of the highest order. 

Going Beyond Employee Screening to Cover Risks Across Businesses

Today, AuthBridge is India’s leading authentication technology company that enables trust. Our products and platforms deliver seamless on-boarding and instantaneous authentication of individuals and businesses, for a diverse range of industries. AuthBridge serves over 1500+ clients, including many Fortune 500 companies.

From background verification of blue-collar staff for shared economy to doing Advance KYC for customers in BFSI segment, we have a range of DIY to bespoke solutions to address business needs in efficient and secure manner.

Continuously innovating in the ever-changing risk scenario

The risk scenario is changing fast and so are we, with our cutting-edge tech solutions. From creating and curating databases, to building intelligence for efficient processes to AI and ML-based intelligent inferences, we are continuously innovating and evolving to serve our clients better. iBridge - an end to end automated and intelligent employee screening platform, WorkAttest - a first of its kind instant employment verification and exit employee management platform, CorpVeda - a business risk management solution and TruthScreen - an account opening onboarding solution based in data are just some of our technology-based offerings.

Our Core Values

All through the years, AuthBridge has been an innovation-driven organisation. This wouldn’t have been possible had each of our employees not breathed and lived our core values.

  • Passion
    Passion for surpassing goals

    We strive to raise the bar. We aim to go "Faster, Higher, Stronger" towards our goals and achievements.

  • Empowerment
    Identifying & empowering talent

    We identify talent in our employees and colleagues and empower their professional growth.

  • Attention
    Attention to detail

    We pay attention to our responsibilities and stay aware of areas we can contribute, assist and add value to.

  • Urgency
    Urgency in execution

    We lay utmost importance on the speed of execution and ensure completion of responsibilities in time.

  • Solution
    Solving problems creatively

    We seek opportunity in every problem. Aiming for continual improvement, we then drive change.